lobby - be able to see level of other players

hi, there.

the new upgrades are really nice and well done, as for the new gardien system than the possibility of creating lobby to choose what map we want to go for with random people.

Nevertheless, I'll like to propose to ad the level of player who enter a lobby, at least to avoid people with traps no strong enough to be usefull for the game. for exemple, a lot of player with 1-3 level trap enter lobby for master or higher difficulty, and we only can see this when we start the game and have to quit and re-create a lobby. it woull be good to gain some times to not constantly have to quit and create game to have usefull mates.


  • Seeing the levels would be really useful. From what i've observed, the only way to tell a low level player from a high level player currently is if they have the default blue background on their nameplate, because 9/10 times they're a low level player if they have this. A host set minimum level requirement to join would be nice too.
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you for the feedback, we appreciate the input! We've been getting a lot of notes from you guys on the custom games and they're definitely helpful!
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