Let's give this game some positive reviews

I notice there are a lot of mixed reviews on steam. Most of the negative ones are are just bagging the FTP model or complaining traps take too long to upgrade. Most negative reviewers have barely spent more than a couple of hours in the game. So, to help out this game and help attract new players I encourage everyone here to go on to Steam or PSN and give this game a positive, proper review. The more new players we attract, the healthier the game becomes and this is good for everyone.


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    I'd rather see a "re-release" of this game with a promise of "a new OMD3" of sorts instead of a thread that is (somewhat) begging for positive reviews. But honestly... after the sudden "Haha we asia now" update/patch/whatever with no explanation whatsoever on the lore because of it... I just don't care anymore. I mean, OMD:U Is a "good" game... but definitely not on the "long term" kind of good. There's plenty of variety regarding traps and heroes, which is good. But outside of that... it's a "three day play" kind of game at best for the average player. The grind is way too harsh for someone to actually "care" and make a effort to grind for said traps.

    And before you ask me to post something constructive on how the game could improve...

    1- Remove sabotage. It's a broken game mode. Simply because it relies too much on RNG and on how the game is grindy. They should just stop "trying" to add PvP to this game -- it'll simply won't work.

    2- Add new traps to the game. Seriously, it has been over a year and we still haven't got a *single* new trap.

    3- Lessen/reduce the grind required for the traps. Seriously, if you want to add PvP to the game... you've got to make it more "accessible" for the average player. Which means, reducing the grind so the game can be "at least a bit more" competitive.

    4- "More features, less HP." Add more moves/skills/whatever to minions so they can be more tricky/interesting to be dealt with while at the same time reduce their HP to balance things a bit. Example: light minions can go prone/stealth if they interact with a hunter.

  • There's a few problems with steam reviews.

    My least favourite of these is players expect a lot of things. Using them as an ultimatum "Do this or bad review"/"Fix this bug and expect my review to improve".

    Terrible reviews like "lootboxes 1 star" where they haven't played enough to realise the game is reasonable.
    My favourite terrible review "I liked it while lasted" but it's free to play game surely some enjoyment is good enough. Every game gets boring eventually.
    The best reviews are ones which are truthful. "I thought it was boring". This is reasonable at least.

    Reviews are pointless because they are used for revenge and angry people so actual useful negative reviews are rare to find.
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    First impressions are everything in online gaming, you have to get gamers hooked, and it's the designers' job to make it work.

    Now, there's the grind, I did get past it but let's be clear, I'm no normie, I've been playing since the re-release and I'm at lv99, and boy, it'll take months before I level up that one extra time, not that I'm even motivated to honestly.

    I did appreciate the rebalancing of levels, although you have to admit that problem wouldn't even exist if it weren't for levels and trap levels designed to artificially increase the difficulty or length of the game, actively making it harder solely to the newcomers you're supposed to get hooked, likely hoping to make the payed chests appealing, the early stages really felt like the typical money-grab-trap.

    Seriously though, you should have a look at ethical monetization, here's a proper recent study by notable people that's also been shared by Gamasutra https://www.projecthorseshoe.com/reports/featured/ph17r4.htm
    You'll notice they strike many points easily noticeable within the game's problems.

    They didn't say anything about random chests, not even after the turmoil about lootboxes from last months.

    You see? It's really backwards from my point of view, they seem to put money before players when it should be the other way around, there are ways to make money off this game, proper ways that won't damage the long-term relationship.

    It is a game about traps and killing orcs and instead of getting new traps, we just keep having heroes shoved down our throats hoping to create a skull-sink for the aforementioned mechanics.

    We obviously want a full PvE game, yet they went ahead and did Sabotage, hoping to justify Heroes, when instead of exploiting their original IP they put themselves in the disadvantageus position of competing with more successful PvP games.

    It's been a whole year and no one even thought of making money with Trap Skins instead of Heroes' Skins, how backwards is that?

    It's been multiple months since last patch, they could've released something, anything, even just a typo correction somewhere, or fix a non-pixel perfect UI element, just to make us know they're still considering this game and not just working on their other IPs; and yet we have to deal with traps that haven't been working properly for months (God knows how many really, many players are still oblivious to the fact that Cursed Ground goes on cooldown after 1-2 ticks), that players had to go out of their own way to make sure they were being looked at, which was supposed to be QA's job.

    I hope this hiatus isn't being wasted.

    OMD2 was an amazing multiplayer game because there weren't all these problems (although controls here feel much better, it's more noticeable if you tried going back to old OMDs), these... differences between players, and even though it still had some skull grind you could refund everything anytime (I'm not suggesting anything here, I mean it, focus on the level dilemma).

    I honestly can't remember the last time I played with someone else in this game because it's usually more of an handicap than anything, I know I sound like a real Ahole, but the game is designed to make me act like one, take these comments with a grain of salt, but keep in mind, I can't be the onlyone thinking this, and it's because I love the potential of this game that I'm angry to see the IP being squandered when it could be much, much more popular with some care.

    With these thoughts even my review would be mixed, especially so because people want to invest time and possibly money in a title that'll last a long time, no patch for months is a big red flag, it puts said investment (even possible/future investment) in danger.

    Devs, BELIEVE in your IP and revamp the outdated lootbox/level system, and most of all, stop spending precious resources on overabounding items like characters and characters' skins, please.
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    I was just encouraging players here to jump onto Steam and give it a positive review [if you believe it deserves one]. I assume there are a lot of players here who have enjoyed OMDU but haven't reviewed it yet. I'm not arguing or disagreeing with anyone's opinion or review of the game (regardless or whether positive or negative). I'm just saying; a few more reviews from the actual player base (presumably these will mostly be positive) could really benefit the game and encourage more people to give it a try.
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