Question from a new player

Hey guys!

I'm fairly new to this game and i absolutely love it. However i've been trying to figure out some things but i cant seem to find the answer to everything. I hope you can help me out! :)

Does leveling up your character in a battleground actually increases your flat out damage or trap damage?

What is exactly the advantage of having two different types of Guardians with the shield icon? They seem to have the exact same traits and you can place the same one over and over again, making it hard for me to see any usage in selecting two shield guardians other than having two different skins.

Hope someone could clarify this for me, thanks already! :D


  • Leveling up increases your out right damage and health, you need to upgrade traps on their own.

    Before the most recent update, Guardians could only be placed once, so it was beneficial to have two shield Guardians. Now that you can place as many as you want, their isn't much point in having two shields.
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