Where is PEZRADAR the "smite want to be GOD"

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Where are you PEZRADAR. You are failure! You owe me 200$  Told you from the beginning, instead of heeding advices from players who actually knew the game, you banned them. Where are you now?  


  • Hey hey hey it seems you are referring to a 3 year old argument.

    From pezradar's account "No one stated Rimmon was Hotshot. Nor did I. The closure of the thread is due to other accounts being associated to your account Hotshot." That message is for you.
    Judging that PezRadar hasn't looked at the forums in over 2.5 years, they are probably not employed with Robot anymore. Not even Rimmon plays anymore.

    If you are one of the founders you can get a refund by contacting support, if that is the 200 dollars you are talking about.
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    My brain just went "I wonder what's going on in that game I used to love." so I visit the forum and see this thread at the top, creepy orc. Also, why am I even mentioned here and what is this even about? :D
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     woooot :D  @Rimmon The legend is here!

  • PezRadarPezRadar Member, Early Access
    I haven't been at Robot since Sept 2015.  I recommend contacting their support if you are looking for assistance.

    I have no idea what SMITE has to do with me either...
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