Farewell from Harmonia

Hey everyone,

Some important news to share. Today is my last day at Robot Entertainment. Starting next week I will be off on a new adventure here in Texas, following my love of anime to a totally different role at Funimation.

To steal a phrase, two years is too short a time to spend among such excellent and admirable War Mages. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be the OMDU community manager and I am going to miss you all very much!

But there is some great news to share along with the news of my departure: Nananea is going to be taking over as the community manager here at Robot! I am very excited for her and could not be happier for the community as well. Seriously, you should have seen my face when I heard she was going to be the new CM. She’s going to be awesome.


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  • NananeaNananea Member, Administrator, Moderator, Master Founder, Robot Entertainment, Early Access, Featured Developer
    Let me be the first to say that we're all going to miss you and that we wish you all the best at Funimation!

    Come back now and then for some streams!
    Robot Entertainment | Community Manager | Skull Ninja
  • Bye hope you have fun. :'(
  • Good bye, thanks for all the good times.

    Well done for killing so many orcs.
    Keep it secret, Keep it safe.
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  • OAD just won't feel the same without you Harmonia, I hope things go well at your new job. 
    I look forward to hassling Nananea more than I currently do. 
  • You will be missed! :'(
  • Funimation, that's awesome!! Good luck and have fun :) 
  • Thanks for everything, Youll definietly be miised and good luck on your new path in life 

    (Now kinda interested on what shows/projects youll be working on... an OMD crossover perhaps?) 
  • Best wishes on your new path Harmonia.  Thanks for helping keep this place civil, helpful and responsive.  Cheers.
  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    Brass is Harmonia's spirit incarnatre, so there is no leaving. More seriously best of luck with Funimation and thanks for all the gibblets!
  • Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!
  • Wow Gorkster still exists!
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