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The Funnel (Map),it sounds dumb but I would like to see something like this.

It's going to have a deep hole or some sort of slide disjointed from the base route you will have to block off different paths and guide the enemies down to the slide/hole and they fall through.

It's going to be a mini game and is like a bad game of golf

The Funnel (Trap),it would be a 2x2 floor trap that dips INTO the floor and stores enemies until at full capture amount (15 at base) and would then maybe either kill them or spit them back out

I adore this game and wish to see it expand and maybe just maybe add some new skins to everything
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    Hello BlackpawMain,

    Thanks for the suggestion ;)

    Keep on slaying!
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  • This idea reminds me of The Hive from Orcs Must Die 2. That map was NIGHTMARE but only due to gremlins
    Never been so digital
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