Custom Game List is Broken... Again [PS4]

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The list doesn't seem to overlap anymore when refreshing, which is good, but now a new even more annoying bug is present. The new bug makes games on the list unselectable once you've click off them by selecting a different game in the list. The bug seems to happen 100% of the time.

This bug is game breaking, please fix ASAP. 

Edit: Additionally i just noticed when the list refreshes it makes the entire list unselectable. This doesn't happen 100% of the time like the other bug.

Edit2: Nevermind the overlap bug still occurs... Seriously fix these bugs because they literally break the custom game list.


  • Yeah, it's totally borked right now.

    The way the list was working before, you could scroll through the list, but you had to click on a game to get the right side of the screen to update and activate the join button for that game.  Currently, the right side of the screen won't update and the join button won't activate.

    I would much prefer for the list to update the right side of the screen as you scroll through the list without having to press a button, but I suppose there is a reason for the extra step?

    If you scroll the cursor across the top row from chaos trials to sabotage and back to chaos trials, the first game in the chaos trials list will update on the right and the join button will activate, but I haven't had any success duplicating that move to gain access to any other game mode.

    I'm pretty much unable to join any custom game right now.  It's really bad.
  • AudioJermAudioJerm Member, Early Access
    Yes! I can confirm also that this is broken. Custom games turn a light blue color and it's impossible to join a game once it does that. The only fix is by changing the menu screen to something else like Profile and then go back to custom games. You'll have a few seconds to choose a game before it turns light blue again. And don't use the filters. That seems to insta-break it. And the list of games are still overlapping making it impossible to read.
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    Hello guys,

    Thank you for the report, we'll make sure to take a look at this issue.

    Keep on slaying!
    French Community Manager
  • Kulina said:
    Hello guys,

    Thank you for the report, we'll make sure to take a look at this issue.

    Keep on slaying!
    No problem. Will the fix for this be anytime soon? Because i'm really tired of having to deal with these bugs in the Custom Games list.
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    any news on when this is gonna be fixed, paid for 30days premium yet cant even play a game, pointless!! 
  • Any news on this issue? The custom games list is still broken.
    All of the above mentioned problems still exist.
  • The devs have said there will be another patch with many bug fixes soon, but there were no details of which bugs and when exactly that would happen. Stay tuned.
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