Take back 5 player possibllity and real PVP

i have play last time this game a long time but when im back u supress my acont (np just a pain) and the rest . 5 at suvaval have be fun and trap reserved to some heros was a good idea but have disapear now . but the thing realy i thing bad it to have supress the real 5v5 mod wher u can prepare wave for take enmy base but u need to defend enemy trops and in that game mode u have a real pvp not just the first lose have lose 

Take 5 vs 5 back plz 


  • yobbobearyobbobear Member
    edited February 28
    The mode you are referring to was called Siege and was removed back in Open Beta on December 2016. Did you only just notice it was missing?

    The reasons the devs gave for its removal can be found in this video. 

    All accounts were reset after the removal of Siege. Additionally, much later, Gameforge stopped publishing the game and sent out emails to those EU accounts, with a code if you wanted to transfer your account to Robot.
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