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It just now came to me... Could you please add a simple (?) feature to reorganize loadouts easily, both in the separate loadout screen (from profile) and map selection menu? At the moment, in order to swap traps/guardians/traits/consumables/gear places we need to juggle: 1st remove 2 things one which is moved and some other one, 2nd put the target thing into the target slot, 3rd reequip the other thing removed in the 1st step.

This whole process could be remedied by a common drap and drop mechanic, obviously within its own category. I don't mean mixing things from different categories with one another!

This is what I mean in detail by drag and drop: L-click and hold on the icon, while holding move it to another slot, release the L-click. After this icons swap places.

My justification is that some of us (I'm probably not the only one) like to have our favorite traps under certain keys - inventory slots. Force of habit, maybe. Maybe traps used more often kept close at hand under lower numeric keys (1,2). Or maybe to have comboing traps under consecutive keys and only scroll quickly between them. As for other categories... well if the mechanic would be in place it just as well might be implemented to other categories. Either way it's a typical quality of life change which I am sure many people would appreciate just as much as I would!

I'm staying positive! 
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    Thank you for the suggestion!  =)
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