"Outta the Way" daily mission completed while playing with Oziel.

Dunno if any other heroes also can do it, but on my first match of the day after getting my dailies Deadeye's daily (Outta the Way) completed whilst I was playing in a match with other players, with me as Oziel and the two others as Yi-Lin and Zoey, so we didn't even have someone as Deadeye.

I'm pretty certain I did not do it before, as I did a different daily yesterday and got this one just today.


Not exactly the worst bug in the world, but I figured it should be known if it hasn't been reported yet.


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you for alerting us to this one, I have passed it along to the developers!
    German Community Manager
  • Update, Oziel also completed the quest "Imperial Reach" for Yi-lin. Had no Yi-Lins in this match either.
    I'm beginning to think Oziel is everyone and everything.
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