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Hello. Thank you so much for fixing the Brass bug! After having some "fun" with it in endless, me and some friends made some unbeatable scores, and I would like to ask the team to remove them when the time is right. The following maps are abused:


Baths - 1Player by me.
Banquet Hall - 1Player by meaelroncom and andryxa.
Shark Island - 1Player by me.
Throne Room - 1Player by me.
Thuricvod Village - 2player by me and Sou1Reaper.
Highlands - 1Player by me. And 2Player by me and Sou1Reaper.
Grogon Keep - 1Player by me.
Avalanche - 1Player by me.
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    Thank you for letting us know and being so honest and upfront about it!
    German Community Manager
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