Academy Sewers - Satyr going through the bottom-side portal towards the Rift

I've only seen this happen today, but as I was alone doing my Chaos Trials with additional Mountain Trolls and Fire Fiend Runners, it seems that having too many minions on the bottom-side makes one satyr in the wave walk slowly as it can't path through the other minions and then ends up walking into the portal by accident, teleporting to the other side, at which point it stops for a moment and then runs to the rift.

I also had 5 rift points modifier so that was really dangerous on me as it cost 2 points out of the three times it happened in that match(I had to figure out what was happening and so I paid attention to the map enough to see the satyr suddenly appear on the other side).

I had a longwall barricade, the yellow square in the bottom picture, down the stairs, leaving space for a viscous tar near the wall, while I was playing as Smolder, the blue in the picture, with a viscous tar in front of me. At the third time that it happened I saw(through the map) one of the minions, the red in the picture, move very slowly near the portal, until taking the portal.

I ran after it to protect the rift and saw that it was a Satyr, which after a tiny little delay took off towards the rift.

I am also pretty certain that it wasn't a minion going through my traps nor getting knocked into the rift as I only had haymakers (on the ceiling next to the long wall barricade) to knock and on the three times it happened they weren't activated (so if they had gone through me, I'd hear all my traps activating and the guardian yelling INTRUDER!!).

Never seen it happen on the normal one, so it seems to be the fact that there were the fire runners around too occupying the satyrs running space.

Just in case, here are my modifiers, not counting the Forest Giant modifier as I got that after succeeding.


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Just as information: The fact that minions can go through the portals (by being thrown at them) was labeled as intended by developers months/years ago.

    The fact that they go into them by themselves due to pathing is most likely not intended though.
  • I figured as much (on the first part), but I thank you for confirmation (and information) either way!
  • Did you have a floor scorcher there?
  • Nope! That area was completely untrapped.
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