Gamasutra article: Robot Entertainment lays off 30 staff


  • Nothing in this article that hasn't been said in the two previous posts. Straight off the press release. 
  • Just posted to inform people (since Robot won't, not directly at least), didn't check the contents of other topics, misleading titles, could have been anything.
  • Well it looks like the game will remain stale, since the devs are focusing on whatever this new game is, which means no content updates for OMDU. 

    R.I.P this game  :'( 
  • verizonwirelessverizonwireless Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Well there it goes, eh?
    I can't see anyone reassuring us that this game is going to get regular updates and get better now, not that there was much reassurance before. It really is a shame for the staff, because i believe the developers did a wonderful job on this game and it's unfortunate that THEY are the ones being let go for it's failing.
    There's obviously no one left here to defend siege (since they were all told where to go, even after sticking with this game all through it's development), but all i can say is this pretty much shows the lastability of survival mode, which is why it was so frustrating that it was the horse that was bet on.
    I still hung on for a year and a half since then hoping it would get better somehow and it just never did. This really has been a frustrating and disappointing experience following this game, so i can't say i'm hyped at all for whatever the new project is, especially if it's under the same management.

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