At what level can you start to 1 hit minions?

Hello, I was wondering at what level you can 1 hit minions. I mainly play Yi-Lin so her damage output it quite high yet I am still not able to 1 hit minions. At what level do I start to 1 hit minions on wave 1?

I'm currently level 43.


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    It depends on the difference between your account level and the minion level, as well as which hero you are playing at the time. Playing higher level maps as you level up won't help. 

    Not all heroes have the same primary attack damage, eg compare Max to Brass. 

    Soldier minions on have a "steady" trait which reduces the damage taken when they are low on health, so doing big damage in a single attack does not work as well as small damage over time on these guys. Minions with shields can deflect front attacks. Satyrs will produce a shield around them the first time they take damage.

    What constitutes a single attack? Is it primary attack only, does it include using secondary attack or other skills? 

    Brass' primary attack even though only imitates with one click, sends out a tight group of multiple projectiles. This could be seen as one attack, or many attacks at once. 

    Yi-lin does have an upgrade that gives you a chance to execute minions with your primary attack which does not depend on your account level at all. 

    Bloodspike has an execute ability which is independent of level, although bosses cannot be executed. 

    Physics traps (eg flip trap) and skills (eg Zoey book club, Temper's rush) can also knock minions off the map for an instant kill. 

    Conditions such as Bloodbath stacks, arcane debuffs, rift lord active, stunned enemies etc, will all make a difference as to whether you can one shot an enemy. 

    What seems like a simple question, is far more in depth, when you consider the game mechanics.
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