How to fly

There is a bug which will trick the server into thinking you are not connected when you are.

This will cause several problems:
  • Kill plains will no longer exist.
  • Traps will not load.
  • Minions will carry on their direction.
  • Blackpaw will have infinite second jumps.
This bug can be triggered by:
Disconnected your internet connection with the server. This will trigger everything above.

But after 30 seconds the game will detect that you are not connected so will ask you whether you want to connect.

There is a second bug with this however if you switch internet access while disconnected this will cause the bug to carry on for the duration of the match + 30 seconds. This will require a player to stick around in the match while you go flying.

Here's a video showing the result: At 2 minutes he starts to fly. This is caused by the wifi changing not his terrible pc.

This bug only works on PC since PS4 can't save more than one wifi. So the game disconnects you before you have the chance to change.

This bug will work on all maps and gamemodes. But not the basic tutorial since that doesn't need connection to the server.

Here is a few things I've done with it so far: Alt+H to remove hud and alt + pg up to change angles.

Explored floating ships:

Swam with the sharks:

Smoked some vegetables of mending:

Explored the Towers:

Fighting against the hoard:

Fighting with the hoard:

Taken a break:

Thought outside of the Box:

We did report this bug a year back. Have fun exploring.
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