Dear SurvivalHelpers guildmates, my computer is crash!

Dear SurvivalHelpers Guildmates,
My computer is crash since yesterday! I have to offline for a while. If my computer fixed, I’ll help you as I can ASAP.
P.S. To SurvivalHelpers Guildmates that online, Please put guild discord link at reply. So I can talk with all of you freely.
And last but not least. How to be good with Hograth,Bloodspike,and Tundra?


  • NarkhNarkh Member
    PhinnTH said:
    How to be good with Hograth,Bloodspike,and Tundra?
    In this reply I will assume that we are talking about solo play only.

    Frost heroes - namely Hogarth and Tundra have pretty low damage output, so it is very important to have a decent trap setup/level. I wouldn't advise picking them at all in most cases.

    Hogarth's jump spec is probably the most effective, you just ignore throw weavers as the only time you want to be using it is against some tougher opponents or an unstable rift from range. Pick slow or durability T1, more aggro on shield at T3, otherwise jump upgrades. As long as you aren't facing very big creatures, the jump damage should be enough to melt groups and get decent chunks of damage onto bigger threats. When it comes to trap setups there's really nothing special about him - his kit enhances your killboxes, so just go for the most effective combination. You shouldn't run into any difficulties until late endless or Chaos Trials, in which the big minions (mainly trolls) may be too tough for him to kill. Spam jump, whenever it's up, use your shield's slow/durability to survive and auto in-between or simply spam jump during unchains.

    As far as I know Tundra is garbage in solo and there is no point in playing him at all outside of group play.

    Bloodspike on the other hand is one of the best tanks in game, as he's able to do consistent, high DPS, while being able to one-shot priority targets occasionally. His one-shot is even better in group play than in solo, but being able to kill an Unstable Rift or a fattie like an armored ogre instantly is still very valuable. For weavers you want drop rate of Meals, Bloodbath stacks duration, execution cooldown and reset on axe throw in most cases. There may be room for some improvisation, but T1 and T3 are pretty much set in stone. Once again he isn't really dependent on any special traps, so you are free to use whatever you need. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, alternating autos and Bloodbath, using Q on priority targets and chaining E after T4, if you have the mana to support it. Shift can help you survive or get to places quicker. Also, don't forget to pick up Delicious Meals. He should be playable everywhere up to the highest levels of CT/Endless, where he gets outshined by top DPS picks.
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