How to get into spectator mode.

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First thing this method was discovered over 3 years ago by Timemaster and some older players.

Yes this is possible whether you want to call it ghost, no clip or spectator you can fly around without your character model. On PC and PS4.

There exists spots on maps which are dodgy. They teleport your character model and respawn you. These spots are hard to find you must use blackpaw to climb out of bounds and get to these spots. These spots will attempt to throw you out of them. But if you walk slowly enough you can get in. If you disconnect and reconnect you will be in the mode. The camera will be disconnected and you can explore freely.

The downside is that you can no longer see moving models. Traps, minions and heroes will be invisible. But 2D graphics are able to be seen and sound.

To cancel the mode is simple Alt+K then you will respawn normally.

We have tested every map and have found a dodgy spot in all but 4 maps due to there tall invisible walls and boundaries. These dodgy spots normally have to be found by breaking out of bounds with blackpaw then finding a certain spot.

Now you may be wondering how long this has existed in the game as far as I can tell since the beginning.

The only official thing I've seen is this:

A reddit ama where the designer director says it did exist at one point.

The method was discovered back 3 years ago by some EU players Timemaster and a bunch of other guys (who have since left).

It was know freely for some time. Some great screenshots here: made by an old EU player.

Then all other information is gone to either gameforges old forum (where I found it out from Timemaster) or maybe this forum (but can't check since it's all been privated).

Second method bug up the game:
There is surprising a second method this time done by a bug. If you disconnect from the server and die at the right time you can somehow trigger it. But only for a short while. Trying to recreate this is nearly impossible we have only done this a few times. Here's a video of someone doing it by accident while trying flyng around mode (but not trying to fly) (2 years ago) =)
Here's another with us messing around:

Whether or not this intentional is up for debate. Since the mode is so bizzare in the detail it seems unusual that this could happen by accident.

This method for getting screenshots is way better than flying around. But the dodgy spots have to be found and a second player needs to kill the minions while you look around.

This "bug" was found by Timemaster I only released it now because the no more updates are coming and the servers are only gonna be up for so long.

I plan to release the methods of getting to these spots one at a time to encourage adventure and exploration. I will start with the easy ones and then slowly get to the hard ones. These methods were discovered by @TimeMaster , @EffingWorms and me. Some of the skills are pretty amazing from Timemaster since he must have blind jumped tons of times into walls not knowing whether or not they were there. We used flying mode to find out whether the walls were there or not.

Have fun exploring and breaking maps.
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  • First map Avalanche the easiest.

    This map can be done with any hero.

    Blackpaw requires a simple double jump. Any other hero requires a small speed boost. Place a farmer guardian on the spot and anyone can make the jump (or stinkeye's totem).

    Avalanche is an easy map to break but it doesn't give you full reign of the map. That area is the biggest gap in invisible walls so can be easily escaped from. There is another dodgy spot on this map but suspended randomly in the sky is a hard one to find.

    If you find any other dodgy spots on maps feel free to post them. I know at least one spot has been reported on these forums before.
  • Some extra information, 
    On PS4 you cannot leave spectator mode once you enter it because you cannot use ALT-K. Also it is going to be harder to get out of bounds because of the controls. But you can do it with a bit of practice. 

    The 2nd way to enter the mode is very unreliable. You will have to die on the server but not die on your local version. So the only way will be experiencing heavy amounts of lag while walking forward into a pit, or while you are re-spawning. I've only properly fell into that once. Didn't manage to get footage of it though. This footage I pulled off by having a messed up internet connection.

    My computer decided about every 30 minutes, to switch off the internet but still act like it was still connected. In the video I first go into flying mode then after that I slip into spectator mode. 

    Final tip: You might crash while exploring out of bounds, if all your traps turn grey scroll through them all. Or you will crash in 30 seconds. 
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    In case someone is interested on taking a look around the maps before it's too late, here is the complete list of maps that have one of these "bug" spots that allow to enter the spectator mode:

    Some Maps have some interesting things in places you wouldn't think of :)
  • This is 2 more maps Timemaster didn't put up.
    Water Garden: the spot is somewhere out there got it a bit later but the spot is the one which teleported me:

    Orcatraz: Just a short jump

    Some of Timemaster's spots have been patched out with invisible walls or hogarths jump change.
    The list for Timemasters which don't work anymore:
    Banquet Hall: We have a work around but it's a bit hard
    Training Grounds: It's rather hard to find one for this one
    Throne Room: May have changed but we have a hard work around involving speedpads
    Thuricvod Village: May not work

    Also another tip blackpaws second jump jumps in the direction of the camera. So if you want to make a long or high jump move the direction of the camera that way then you will move further.
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