Essential parts for each trap?

What are the "must have" parts on each trap?
But also, I wanna know what trigger to put on my ballistas. I've heard somewhere, that heavy pressure plate makes them shoot only when heavy minions are nearby, but they can still target light minions. Is that true? And if it is, what shall I put in them?
Also, what resonator shall I use for my brimstone and fire cracker? I've seen someone say that Fire Resonator does work on them, but I've also seen somewhere that it increases the trap's damage to minions already on fire.


  • There are no "must have" parts on traps. It depends on what you want to do with that trap and how do you want to use it. As a general guide line you would have to want that trap to:
    1. deal more damage damage quicker
    3.cost less
    4. ...what ever u like to put here that u consider important for all traps...

    1.This being said it is very popular to use either ice resonator, debilitating resonator, fire resonator, controlled resonator on your traps. Also keep in mind that using ice resonator automatically implies that you will use a ice hero to increase the probability to have frozen minions. Also while using damage wall/ceiling traps, wall chargers and shock zappers are the most powerful ones just because once they kill a minion, that minions will deal a small AoE damage which is very handy. (This does not happen when u use wall blades for example or simple damage pounders). 

    2. Keeping the previous idea, while using wall chargers and shock zappers you would want them to atack faster so you will use either Double Spring or Charging Spring. The Double Spring comes with an increase in trap damage problem, which u could counter by doing higher combos or using max/lightning trait (the one that lowers the price for lightning traps). Also while we are here it is worth mentioning that you can "help" a trap deal damage by using the right resonators and trap combinations:

    Lets say for example that you want to use ice resonator on wall chargers, you will have to take Tundra and pray to the Rift Lord that the minions will be frozen in front of the wall chargers so they will be able to deal immense damage. At the same time you will most probably have ceiling so you will be able to use some sort of ceiling trap in this setting, but the question is what traps do you have that can actually increase the efficiency of the wall charger, the answer is Concusive Pounders that stun minions for 1-2sec. The stunned minions will simply stay in front of the wall charger increasing the probability to be hit by the same wall charger (probability further increased if you use tundra-primary+E+Q+right click lv10, cygnus lv10-right click, midnight-E+Q, dobbin-Right click, oziel lv 10-40% slow on E, Max-right click, Stinkeye-E+right click...  i am sure that you can see where this is going.

    3. When you want a trap to cost less you actually want to be able to place that trap faster and at a lower economic disadvantage, meaning that you dont want to compromise the whole economy by placing one 2000coin crazy trap. There are several ways you can counter this:

    3.1 one of them is by simply using max or/and using traits that lower trap cost
    3.2 generate more combos that will give you a higher coin return
    3.3 use Luck Potion that will give you 100% more coin for your combos, again this is 3.2.
    3.4 use Power Generators, this is rather a tricky part because since the last update you cant get your money back on the generators, so once you place them you should leave them there until the end of the game. Most of the maps can be dealt with without using the power generatos which were a big part of the game before the update that made them useless. 
    3.5 use dobbin that gives you more coins (200coin/drop)
    3.6 use bounty generator parts, they will give you an insignificant 2% reward increase for each minion that touches the trap that has the specific part. Useless...
    3.7 use coin forge. useless and very annoying given the immense size.

    I hope i did not make this more complicated for you. You should be able to see after reading this that while the game looks simple and rather childish it has its secrets that can be learned in time and with experience. You should test things out and try selecting the best possible options first then you should try to "spice" things up by using different parts with some heroes to see how that works. 

    Best possible means, as i said above, most damage, fastest, cheapest. 

    For any further information you can contact me or any NuNs officers to join the NuNs discord community where we have a lot of testing already done.
    Good luck and have fun.
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