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  • I recently started and play usually M-F from 7 till 9pm MST. Add me and when the party system comes back let's play together.
  • CusterDawgCusterDawg Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    New peeps have been added :smile: 
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  • AngelwireAngelwire Member, Early Access
    Please Add me Im a new comer :)
  • lolcatzurulolcatzuru Member, Early Access
    you can toss me in there too, i'd like to find more people who actually play the game.
  • Add us all lol. its would be nice to be able to do siege mode more often.
  • PsychoMochiiePsychoMochiie Member
    edited January 2016
    just bought the game after playing omd2 like a madman xD would love to have actual people to play with >.> 

    ign is PsychoMochie

  • Add me! New player here. :smiley: 
  • New player here looking for others to do Survival / coop mode with. In-game name is JeanH13 (and also my Steam name)
  • chelchel Member, Master Founder, Early Access
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    hey @JeanH13 ;
    Come join us in Gamevox we are there every night and would love to play some orc killing games with you 
  • @JeanH13 ;

    Here is a GameVox tutorial in case you need - it's extremelly easy to use so don't worry.
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  • x^inf.x^inf. Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
    I just downloaded gamevox. My friends and I will join you guys tonight. My sn is x2inf

  • CusterDawgCusterDawg Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    New people have been added. All names should be hyperlinked now too, somehow it got broken. :/
    "No matter where you go, there you are."
    - B.B. 1984
  • TristarisTristaris Member, Early Access
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    Hey @CusterDawg  - I do believe I have you on my friends list still, but due to work and having PC issues last year I wasn't able to dedicated a huge amount of time to gaming but recently been able to pick things back up.
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  • TristarisTristaris Member, Early Access
    With Open Beta launching in just 6 days, I thought I'd post here again...

    I'm looking for at least one or two other people that enjoy playing Survival primarily (I'm not objecting to siege, I just enjoy Survival is all.)

    My steam is Tristaris (wolf picture.) I'm usually online primarily late evening through late night EST, but pretty flexible in regards to those hours. If you're interested some games regularly with a static group, feel free to add me, or shoot me a message here! Thanks!
  • JuicyJuicy Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Once again with the open beta starting - I'm gunna clear out my friend's list, simply so it doesnt get suuuuuper overcrowded. Re-add me if you need to!
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  • Like everybody i love to win, but i don't mind losing. So for ppl who like playing the game and like respectful ambiance don't be shy and invite me =3 
  • Add me to the list, I don't consider myself an ultimate player but I do try and answer questions people may have and also back them up if they need help. So long as they don't abuse me I'll be all bright-eyed happy-face with them.
  • I'm extremely newbie, but I've played tons of MOBAs before so I'm not entirely lost. Please feel free to add me to the list anyway!
  • Add me!
  • Hello everyone! Had no idea this game existed till I went to PaxEast and got to experience the booth, great job to everyone on staff. Been playing it since then and I was hoping to add people.

    Feel free to add me too :)
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