The Great Big Community Mod Idea List!

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I'd like to start making mods again but I'm running out of ideas!

Give me your ideas and I'll try and make a mod! I'll showcase them on #ThrowbackThursday every Thursday @ 7pm CST on

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    A mod that plays the YOU BLEW IT soundbite from Billy Madison every time an orc gets into the rift.
  • would it be possible to maybe have a reskin mod using the order skins from unchained? like if we turned the mob into the order and warmage and sorceress into midnight and smolder
    midnight could be warmage and smolder sorceress
    the only ones we could replace are flyers, unless febee could replace all of them?
    and I dont think the order has a troll fighter
  • or maybe add bear sin as a guardian
  • Unfortunately we cannot add sounds, new models, etc to the game. Pretty much everything from Unchained is out, including bringing WM and Sorceress skins over due to the War Mage and Sorceress's models having been upgraded.

    Sorry to squash your hopes and dreams!
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  • ok what about troll who heals by fire damage?
    and a troll who heal with ice damage?
    maybe have the fire bats drop kobold sappers?
  • This would probably be too time-consuming to finish by the next #throwbackthursday, but how 'bout a tar trap that spawns tar elementals (waterlings colored to look like tar). Maybe they slow minions they attack.
  • Swarm Mode: Kobold Runner-only waves using increasing percentage-based waves. See if your computer can last longer than your character. ;)
  • Then again.. I hear adding hats makes any game twice as addicting. *cough* Shame I doubt you would be able to add any new models. :pensive:
  • Some good ideas so far. Thanks for the help! I'll make something for next week's episode and showcase it then.
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  • Brimstone that turns the first thing that touches it into a charmed fire elemental. Turns off after something hits it like mushrooms.
  • Webspinners that cast Windbelt effect instead of Webs.
  • Explosive Chicken Dispensers
  • Oil Slick: Flings anything that walks on it forward 2 trapspaces
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    Cyclops mages that cast a lightning cloud that speeds up minions that walk through it and gives them additional electrical damage
  • An archer reskinned as a skeleton that has bone amulet effect and randomly raises a bone golem
  • I want a skull launcher.

    Either held by the player (the replace the rocket launcher?), or as a trap.
  • Autobalista that fires charm bolts
  • Floor scorcher that emits a gas that adds a small but long lasting dot to an enemy. The effect also slows the minion.
  • Acid sprayer that spits out 4 slow moving fireballs in a square pattern. They travel a long distance but do not fire often
  • Haymaker that spins very fast and casts a windbelt like effect for 4 seconds then shuts down for an extended period
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