I can't download the game

wrong forum


  • Actually this is for OMD unchained, sorry. 
  • Hi People, i have problems to download OMD Unchained... The button does not appear.
  • If you don't see a download button yet then you may not have Closed Beta access yet. Signing up puts you on the invitation list, but does not automatically give you beta access. You will get an email notifying you of when your access has been activated, and at that point you can download the game. 
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  • @RatinhoArruda I'm looking and I'm not seeing you account approved for beta access on the NA servers. You can download it once you've been given beta access. If you signed up for an account via the EU servers, you can login to their system here and download the game client: http://en.omd.gameforge.com/

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