Wait... Does that mean Pc player can be on the same network as the Ps4 players ?

it might be a become a problem
people tend to leave games
but it would be really cool we could be playing in same room on various platforms


  • What you mean called "Crossplay" And I don't think they will do it. First of all PS4 player gets a huge disadvantage in mobilities. I can react way faster with a keyboard. And second of all is the pointing with the mouse. This is way more accurate then a controller. You need "Aim Assist" to make this work and this wouldn't be fair for PC gamer. And the overall Controlls like "select trap" and stuff are way easier with the mouserad rather then the controller. 

    I wouldn't say that we will face crossplay in OMDU. But as a PC gamer I wouldn't care about it. 
  • Cpt. SqwekyCpt. Sqweky Member, Master Founder, Early Access
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    From the PS4 Version FAQ:

    PezRadar said:
    Will there be cross-platform gameplay? That is, will PS4 players be able to play against PC players?
    As of now, it most likely will be PC vs PC and PS4 vs PS4. PS4 players will be on the PSN Account structure and store while PC players will be separate.
  • Trust me, every game I know that mentioned crossplay so far could never really realize it because of the reasons I gave you. Even if they implement it they need a way to make it fair for both sides and you see how it works right now with "aim assist" or how some people say "bigger hitboxes"  That's a skillless no go for a PC gamer. And there will be a lot of complainants about it like we have with Pre made right now. 

    A release on PS 4 sounds nice but please limit crossplay as a option for custom games. 
  • BudwyzerBudwyzer Member, Early Access
    I know people that are perfectly capable of playing shooters with controller, because that's their peripheral of choice. PS4 also supports KB/M, so that's a choice as well.

    With Microsoft announcing their new central game server initiative, and games clearly being capable of being cross-platform (See Rocket League), Cross-platform support really needs to happen. A free to play boom has already started on PS4, and without cross-platform I feel OMDU will just get lost in the pile.  :(
  • swordtutswordtut Member, Early Access
    can't people already use controllers on pc. all they would have to do is play some k/m vs controller matches.
  • Being just survival now, cross play issues such as targeting shouldn't be so much of a problem
  • cross play would be awesome!
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