What's happening to my game?

chelchel Member, Master Founder, Early Access
Alright so I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and tried to figure out what is going on. 

I will send my logs to you guys if you need them.

What I am experiencing.

 - The dashboard goes grey and gives me an hourglass for long periods of time when a game queue pops preventing me from choosing a character.
 - At this time I have to close out the dashboard once the game launches and hope to get into the game.
- When the game finishes the game gets stuck in gears
- Then it stalls out and won't process further. 
or - The game closes but I don't get any wins or rewards for the games that I played happened the last nearly 10 games. 
- I get leaver penalties up to about 50 minutes. (I give up at this point)

There are times where it does load in but it is slow to respond when selecting characters and constantly goes into the hourglass.

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