Why a moba switch from tower defense...?

I don't understand it... You had the best tower defense game on the market and what do you guys do? You decide you want to change the game series entirely from a tower defense to a free to play moba. This decision's going to kill the whole series and the company. Seriously, your company deserves to be burned to the ground by your CEO.


  • If you don`t like this one just stay on OMD2 then.

    Also, they have plans for classic mode, it`s still closed beta, calm yourself lol.
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  • JaySoProJaySoPro Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
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    their trying something new, that i thought i'd put money in to support. They've changed the game so much i dont even know which direction their going anymore. Nobody plays the PvP aspect, and their aren't enough players to even play with. Idk where the game is going, but it looks like the drain to me.
  • Speak for yourself on "nobody plays the pvp" - that`s far from true; altough, it ooks so since the closed beta active playerbase is way too small to begin with.
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  • Try it, you'll love it!
  • NitroBulletNitroBullet Member
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    I've seen the pvp. Just a clusterfuck with a lot of imbalance. Please just focus on tower defense. OP is right.

    It's like the company got greedy when they saw the success of MOBA and wanted to do some bad copy of it when their original idea was gold. Before some moron says "if you don't like it don't play it", here's the problem with that: The developers will be pouring resources into the moba crap thus leaving less development for the core tower defense gameplay that most of us know and love. Then there will be a dilemma in balancing between the mode with gained loot/craftables etc.
  • I tried to like it. I'll wait for OMD 3...
  • The game play on OMD2 after all the patches was nicely refined. I can't even tolerate the annoying menu interface on unchained. I feel as if the people making the decisions don't want people to play the game with the current layout. I understand it's in beta and there are changes coming, but I have no desire to play it in the current format. It's annoying, aggravating menu and hoops to jump through to play with a friend. In it's current format, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I have no intention of spending a dime on this unless the completed product has a "keep it simple" mentality. I just want to play a game. I've an hour of free time, but it take 15mins to get the game started because the convoluted menu and leveling system. If I wanted to get pissed off trying to play a game, I could try anything by EA instead.
    Please change it. I loved the first two. This current direction makes me want to take a crap and read the news verse playing.
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