Error on Steam Play

I just tried to start the game on Steam and got the following message: "ERROR: Failed to load 'shaders\FixedFunctionShaders.shaderLib'. Engine will not run." What is the solution?


  • SixOkaySixOkay Member, Master Founder, Robot Entertainment, Early Access
    Have you tried deleting it and reinstalling? It sounds like the install just didn't copy down all the appropriate files. 
    Robot Entertainment | Marketing Manager
  • Yes, I did. Twice. I dunno.
  • MitchellWMitchellW Member, Moderator, Early Access
    There are a couple things that can help here:

    1. Is the game installed on the same hard drive as Steam and Windows? It may not be correctly finding the files it needs.
    2. Verify the integrity of your game cache (
    3. You may need to reinstall the drives for your video card and directx so that the game can locate the files correctly.

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