Guardians pretty much useless to Craft in Survival

PaleknightPaleknight Member, Master Founder, Early Access
I played some survival and even like the crafting idea. But the guardians for it to be place on certain locations for them to protect is kinda dumb though. Apparently they have to be put on a home to give them an extra health boost and stats to keep them alive alittle longer. But sadly only one map is good enough for that called Surrounded. The guardians should just have special abilities for them instead of just being more powerful on home bases. Otherwise there really isn't a point to have them and it just makes it harder for survival. I mean maybe the Blacksmith Bear can set enemies on fire, the Elf Dragon Priest that can attack longer range and send enemy minions back further with an AOE attack, or maybe the Orc Pirate Captain can make dead minions and heroes drop coins when they kill them?


  • I sort of thought the same thing when I crafted the bear, only to watch kobolds pick apart a third of his health in about 10 seconds. I didn't find it effective for guardians to be their strongest when placed at home, and be moderately worthless anywhere else. A lot of games of Surrounded, I've played, have focused on routing all mobs to one area of the map and honestly, I don't see the point of using the guardians for the other locations like the docks, the harbor or the stable... since well, they're not going to be defended there and even at home, it doesn't make them invulnerable, it makes them normal, like Siege normal, as opposed to power hungry and vicious.

    So I think Guardians having special abilities would be much nicer than just setting them to their normal strength and power while they're at home. Good idea.
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