Battlegrounds Guide

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Battlegrounds Guide


  • What are Battlegrounds?
  • Where do I find Battlegrounds?
  • How does scaling work?
  • How do I unlock Rift maps?

What are Battlegrounds?

Battlegrounds are collections of sequential Survival maps each designed for a certain hero level. As your account levels up, we encourage you to try more challenging content.

Where do I find Battlegrounds?

From the Play tab, click on the Survival tab. From here you can select the campaign. If you are feeling flexible, you can sign-up for Matchmaking. This will take you and your party to a campaign map along with other players in queue. This awards 25% bonus experience!


How does scaling work?

There are three kinds of scaling at work in Battleground maps: Account level, map level, and party size.

A player with a higher account level has more hp and they and their traps deal more damage.

Minions on a higher level map have more hp and deal more damage.

Additionally, minion’s hp and damage will increase the more friends you bring to the party!

When you are above the map’s level it’s easy to bowl for orcs!

When you are below the map's level minions are much more deadly!

How do I unlock rift maps?

Rift maps are Endless maps set at level 100. To unlock one you will need account level 80. Each play requires a keystone. From the Play tab, click on the Survival tab. Then click on Rift. Once you spend your keystone, you and your party are set to play. (One keystone for your whole party.)


After you use the keystone…

You are ready to play!

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