Trap Cap blows!

smungsmung Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
Can the Trap cap be raised in survival mode pleeeassee!



  • Yes I Vote More Traps In Survival Mode also!!! More Power! More Traps!  :D
  • JuicyJuicy Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    I too, could go for a higher trap cap :)
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  • some maps yes.. esp on higher levels but i think kobolds could used tuning down more... seeing all your trap system get wasted due to 3 kobold bombcarriers even with upgraded barricades (whats the point n upgrading them if they still get insta killed.. why not just have lvl 1 and replace them)
  • catbert7catbert7 Member
    edited April 2016
    I would like to see the trap cap raised or even removed for Siege mode as well. I understand that it's probably intended to limit the defense so that the matches have an soft cap on how long they last but it really feels bad when you get to the limit with expensive traps and then your money becomes worthless. At the very least I'd like to have there be something else to spend money on but I also would like to see the cap raised or removed because it hurts to look at all that empty space that you'd like to fill with traps but can't :(

    Same for offense with tier 4 being the highest you can go on Minion Portals. You get both portals to T4 and the trap cap is reached and now your money's worthless AND pillaging is worthless as well. Suddenly, the game has simplified into just chasing the other heroes around or attacking enemy minions and it's not nearly as dynamic.

    Perhaps allow players to pay to raise the trap cap? One more trap for every 500 coin or something, once the cap is reached? That would also add another strategic decision as to whether you choose to raise the cap or upgrade weak traps when you hit the limit. And have leadership post tier 4 go toward buffing the minions somehow? Trap resistance, health, armor, larger wave, extra boss, whatever. Just SOMETHING to spend money and leadership on so that they aren't worthless.
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