Providing Constructive Feedback and Criticism

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Hello all, and welcome to the Orcs Must Die! Unchained forums!

We value the opinions of our community and want these official forums to be a place where you can discuss the game openly with each other as well as with Robot staff. We want you to be honest with us, and we will be honest and transparent with you as well. 

However, we must emphasize the importance of feedback being both constructive and respectful. If you dislike something, don't just say "this sucks" and nothing more. Tell us what you don't like. Tell us why you don't like it. Help us to understand your frustration and feedback. This is a place for open dialogue and collaboration. 

It's also important to remind everyone that your fellow community members are people too (and so are we!). Comments that are antagonistic, rude, or critical of community or staff will not be tolerated and may be edited or deleted and result in disciplinary action. Please be mindful of your words and respectful of this community and its members. 
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