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Before you ask a question, I ask you to only keep one thing in mind: The game is currently (4/17/16) in an open-beta state. That means if your question is "How does this work?" or "If I do this..." - It's perfect! Ask away! If your question however is more of "Why did X" or "Does this design seem stupid?" - please don't ask those here. Feel free to ask them in general discussion! The game's in beta, feedback is welcome - so post there and start discussion! But this thread is for confused new players that are trying to figure out the game still, not questions related to design. Thanks!

Basically: If you've got a question as a new player, ask it. We (the community) are all here to help. Robot can probably answer questions we can't too.

I wanted to make this first post address some of the more current issues. So here are the questions I've been seeing the most:

Q: What happens if I craft (or buy) a hero?
A: That hero becomes permanently available to you. This means they will appear for you in hero select from now on. Also, any hero you own gets bonus experience to their level at the end of a match.

Q: I just finished a match, and leveled a hero. What does this hero level actually do?
A: Hero levels play into a few things. Firstly, there are upgrades as your hero levels up. Don't worry, they don't affect your stats. Currently the only thing they unlock is alternate colors for your heroes. Hero levels do another thing though - they also play into your actual account level. Your account level is the sum of all your hero levels, meaning if you have played Ivy, Max, and Gabriella, and you got them all to level 3, then your account level will be 9.

Q: You just mentioned account level. What does that do?
Account level really only comes into account for the Survival game mode. If you decide not to do matchmaker, you can look at a list of all the available levels. Those levels all have a "recommended level" - they recommend that your account level is atleast X. If your account level is under that, you won't be dealing adequate damage for the level (making it a bit more challenging if you're say, 2-3 levels under.) However, if you're a few levels over, then you'll be dealing excess damage, and it probably won't be as much fun. It is worth mentioning however, that once you break 100, this power increase either stops or goes down immensely (I'm honestly not sure which happens right now) - so going from 100 to 1000 once make a huge difference for you.

Q: What about ingame? Under my hero it says "level 9" - but when I leave it says I just reached level 2?
A: Ingame hero levels are different than out of game hero levels. I explained out of game hero levels above. Ingame hero levels reset at the beginning of each match - so when a match starts, you will be level 1. As the game goes on, you will get experience and level up. Each 3rd level up to 12 (so, level 3, 6, 9, and 12) will unlock a new tier of weaver upgrades for you to use. Your damage also increases with your level.

To tack onto the previous answer, you can get experience from pretty much anything:
Picking up packages that come out of pillager chests/urns (Not in Survival, since these are Siege-only)
Getting hero kills
Killing minions (I believe higher combos = more exp)

If I start seeing other questions pop up often, I'll add them here.
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  • Do you guys have a (target) timeline for the game.  Beta, full release, ect....
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    As I've heard (as an alpha player), the idea is that closed beta will last awhile, there will probably be an open beta, and game release will be in Q4 of the year. (Oct - Dec).

    *edit* What adlehyde said. Closed beta sorta started now, but we're still technically in alpha. Beta becomes official very soon. Has a closed state, and will (almost definitely) have an open state as well.
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    Closed beta is "soon™." an official date will come.
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  • @Six, mind sticking this up in the general thread as a sticky so we get the questions where they need to go? That or the FAQ section?
  • Hey there just picked up the alpha with the founders pack.
    It seems to take an awfully long time to load 
    Finally logged in now trying to find a game.
    Where should i start for xp either solo or populated game mode?
  • I did have a question concerning the Beta process.
    My wife and I just got Alpha keys from the Alienware giveaway, and I'm wondering what happens when the game officially goes Closed Beta. I'd assume we'd still have access, but considering there's a Founder's Pack that gives top priority in the Closed Beta, I guess I'm paranoid. So, to clarify, will everyone who has Alpha access also have Closed Beta access, or will we potentially lose access soonish?

    Probably a stupid question, but I'd like to know for sure. ^_^
  • Once you're in, you're in forever... Like the Mob
  • Haha. hah. The Mob. Hah. =P

    Fantastic. Thanks for the quick response!
  • @Gdog Up until level 10 co-op is a good place to familiarize yourself with the game while acquiring XP and Skulls at a nice rate. After that, it awards less so you'd probably want to venture into PvP at that point.
  • There is however some discrepency. If you play  Co-op past ten you stil lget quicker matches and wins so even at half exp, 2 matches that take 5 mins each will reward the same as one win that takes 25 mins. So for now it might be worth ti to stay in co op. I personally stay in Co-Op to help new people learn the game.  
  • You can hang in co-op as long as you want... It is a way of earning quick xp... But unranked is way more fun and at lvl 10 you have all the slots you need to be competitive... Maybe not all the CARDS you want. But thats another discussion.
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    "There is however some discrepency. If you play  Co-op past ten you still get quicker matches and wins so even at half exp, 2 matches that take 5 mins each will reward the same as one win that takes 25 mins."

    Not quite that straightforward, although you're not wrong on principle.

    A 5 minute co-op game at 10+ awards 36 xp and 108 skulls. A 20 minute pvp win awards 120 xp and 360 skulls. Four co-op games edge the one pvp game out at 144 xp and 432 skulls, if you've got the cards and know-how to run a 5 minute match reliably and always win in pvp.

    More realistic numbers for the new players would be 10 minute co-op games at 36 xp and 108 skulls and, assuming a 50% win rate, 25 minute pvp games at 90 xp and 270 skulls, at which point they're tied.
  • anyone know what the difference between a glyph of blood and minor glyph of blood is besides one costing less to place ?
  • @Dankah  Blood glyph is +25% damage.  The minor is 8%.
  • Minor is a rare card... They aregood early to boost minions. Glyphs can be sold at any time
  • ahhh ok awesome thank you guys !
  • @Dankah Generally blood glyph is a bad idea, you want your minions to survive. So health/resistance glyphs are better. You are better off letting other people put glyphs if they have it. The rare occasion where blood glyph is good is when your team wants to go for a kill strategy with gnoll and pride hunters, where you aim to kill enemy defenders to push. But that usually doesn't pay off.
  • I use the Blood glyph to farm bot games that much faster. Toss one down, get as many people to use Gnolls/Pride Hunters as possible, then zerg through the guardians. Switch out the glyph once the lane has been cleared. Between a Hogarth and a Warmage you can get a lot of stuns off on the guardian while your hunters go to work.
  • @Sagius i almost always ask for someone to put minor blod glyph down at the first glyph slot to kill the guardians and gates quicker. Strategies are super dependant on the player
  • @Sev554 Depends on other people as well. If you have 4 people in your team that wants to use runners, it won't pay off. Health glyph is usually a safe bet, blood glyph requires team to agree on a certain strategy.
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