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War Mages!

With the number of games and new players we have now, we’re getting a lot of actionable data and feedback (thanks). We’ve started tuning.

Matchmaking has generally improved with the last few rounds of changes, but there are some new wrinkles.

In Survival Mode (PvE), we are seeing fast games with players of similar level ranged but also smaller team sizes. This is because we had some aggressive settings there. We’re going to loosen these a bit, allowing the matcher to search for a slightly longer time – this should produce games with full teams more often. (Note that, for survival, we adjust content to suit the number of players, so if you get in game with less than five players, the game will tweak things to suit your party.)

In Siege Mode (PvP), we are seeing far more drops at the hero selection and far more games canceled by a player who does not ready up when a match is found. There’s a problem with removal of players who do not accept matches, meaning that one absentee player cycles through multiple times ruining multiple games – this is getting fixed now and will be live soon.

Some players were apparently trying to complete some of the “play 10 games as” quests and dropping when they didn’t get the correct hero. We’ve since replaced these with a hero neutral “win five games” quest so that that motivation isn’t there. If a player had one of the old quests, it’ll still be valid until they complete it, so this change will take a little while to filter.

Siege was also seeing some good groups of players that were assigned to teams in bad ways. We have changed the algorithm so that it does a better job of creating the fairest possible teams.

On rewards, one of the things we’re seeing (both in numbers and comments) is that some of our rewards aren’t working as intended. In a few places, there are just errors, but in others things aren’t working as we intended. We are tuning this (and please expect more tuning in the weeks to come).

One of our main issues is that there are parts of this that are missing. For example, you don’t have a good way to steer yourself toward rewards with consistent progress (to say “I want this trap, so I’ll do X to earn it”) and you don’t have a way to exchange stuff you don’t want for stuff you do want. Some new parts will be happening, but we’re going to tweak things to improve this while we’re waiting.

One of the big issues right now is the hero chase. We recently eliminated all of the quest rewards except for skulls or rift embers, which is intended to make it easier to earn a hero. We’re also going to adjust early level up rewards to include rift embers so that players can work toward unlocking heroes. (For players who have already leveled up, we’ll be going back and granting the embers you would have earned.)

The hero recipes were also all set to a baseline and had not been adjusted. If you look at the store, you’ll see we offer heroes at different prices but the recipes do not have this same spread. That’s being adjusted and will be in after the next update.

Trap upgrades and parts are in a similar boat – these are also getting a look and I expect tuning there too.

Thanks for playing!

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  • WithoutQuestionWithoutQuestion Member, Early Access
    These are all very good changes that you are considering and it's good to know that you guys are actually paying attention to the feedback x_x; With the lack of dev comments on the forums I was starting to feel like maybe all the negative steam reviews got to your heads. 

    Is there any ways that players with some background in game design can offer some help towards the game or at least the website? I really want to see this game do well, but I feel like the open beta release was really rushed and that there are still a LOT of improvements that need to be made or at least major game changes. I'd be happy to talk with some devs and write up some ideas for the launcher/website to make them feel less clunky and closed betaish. 
  • TristarisTristaris Member, Early Access
    @Harmonia Thanks for posting this! It's extremely good news and it's nice to see that feedback has certainly been noted.

    Are you able to go into more depth on what is going to be adjusted for rewards in regards to traps, trap upgrades, and parts, and crafting materials in general? I'm just kind of interested in what may be working as intended, and what's going to be tweaked, or if it's too early to say, I get it too. I appreciate you all being vocal, regardless! 

    Thank you, again!
  • I'm still getting the "Play X hero 10 times" quests. I already tried to skip one and got another in it's place.. This game wants me to play nothing but Gab and Hogarth.

    Anyways, thanks for paying attention to our feedback!
  • Glad to see the rift embers being tweaked, I was really upset to see how long it would take my to get the one hero I want to mainly play.
  • Hey great game but I was wondering when they're going to be more Heroes release 
  • Is this hotfix currently live? Most of these things don't seem to be implemented yet apart from the rift embers from leveling up.
  • ^^^

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