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Orcs Must Die! Unchained has entered open beta! Now that the closed beta has ended and OMDU is available through Steam we've seen a lot of fresh faces streaming, as well as many long-time community favorites. Reminder: these are not official channels and content, language, and moderation are at the discretion of each broadcaster.

Official stream:

Watch live video from orcsmustdie on

Community streams:

Moltenink (tune in for creative as well as gameplay!) 

Watch live video from moltenink on



Watch live video from RimmonOMDU on


Watch live video from playlanco on


Watch live video from rumsoakedsailor on


Watch live video from druitt_streams on

Did we miss you?

If you have your own OMDU stream, post your stream and schedule (if you have one) in the comments below. And be sure to tweet @OrcsMustDie when you go live so we can help you hype your stream!
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