Heat activated trigger and shock zappers/lightning rods

So seeing as shock zappers and lightning rods actually hit slightly outside of their displayed area of effect when placing the trap, does the heat activated trigger also apply to the slightly larger than displayed area?


  • well, since the trigger affects the trap, i would assumes yes.  since it just augments what the trap hits.
  • My hope is the answer is yes, but since the triggers affect things that pass over the trap, not what the trap hits, I'm making the distinction since there is a possible discrepancy between the two.
  • ahh, i see what you mean now!  that'd be rough to test as well in case you waste the part...
  • I assume as long as it's in the range of the trap (not the displayed range) it can trigger. what i mean is the places the trap can strike.
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  • This would probably be less painful to test on a shock zapper, which I think are more commonly placed at least partially over the actual killbox pathing, whereas lightning rods are often placed directly overtop the barricade (although I got rather fond of placing half of the shock zapper into the killbox and half of it over the barricade, and filling the other space above the killbox pathing with lightning rods)
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    I too originally thought that they had a larger than described activation area. Based on my own personal experience with the Lightning Rod, the trap activation area is accurate. The graphical display of the lightning effect will connect from a point outside of this range to make it actually appear that the electricity is hitting the enemy. It will fudge the display of the effect to make it look like it is actually connecting, but remains true to the activation area as shown.

    You can test this yourself by placing two rows of rods side-by-side and parallel to a row of barricades where one row of rods is over the barricades and the other is in the path of the minions. The lightning rods directly above the barricades will never fire, but the ones in the pathing lane will. As they fire you can notice how it will "connect-the-dots" or "fill-in-the-gaps" in regards to activation time and the trap's small activation area. It's so narrow that by the time it gets activated, and the game has determined what to do and then render the effect that they have passed through that original activation area. From this, you can assume that re-activation of the trap will still only apply to the small area of .5, but will continue to fudge the graphical display of it.
  • I'm not really sure I understand.  Are you saying the trap appears to fire but doesn't actually?  Because I don't think that's true.  I routinely place lightning rods over barricades and they activate and do damage and build up charges and eventually chain. 

    Basically it's one of two things going on (or both).  Either the activation range is larger than the displayed area, or the minions' hit boxes are actually larger than what they appear to be and therefore parts of the hitbox/minion pass through the barricade and into the trap activation area (this is quite possible considering how minions cut corners so hard). 

    Anyways, since trap parts are now swappable this should be an easy test.  I would do it, but I spent all my cores upgrading my stupid barricades.
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