Net's Guide to OMDU 1.8, Added Blackpaw and video.

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Hey guys, remaking the guide due to the massive changes made to the game, starting with Bionka and moving on...

Net's Guide to OMDU 1.8


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Greetings everyone, as in the version of this guide, I’d like to post some information that you will find relevant.

Please add if you think you know a better strategy.


QUESTION OF THE DAY: How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a would chuck could chuck wood?



Table of Content

General Info

Heroes and what they do


General Info


Health/mana regen:

Use the rift's regeneration capacity for a quick health/mana restore, it’s much faster than standing next to a guardian or standing next to... nothing. (Don't tell Maximilian, he's standing there alone thinking the sun recharges him)

Use Vegetable of Mending (health regen) and Mages Clover (mana regen) to stack regeneration with Guardians and rifts.

Mages Picnic works also but not recommended as its main effect is for group, so using this item solo is not efficient, and most people don’t know you put it down anyways. (However if you go on a date with Smolder or Gabriella, then their awesome)

The Mana Pool and Healing Well only needs to be tapped to begin a recharge, you don’t have to stand next to it and wait... like I used to do...


Unchained meter takes more time to fill up the more you use it, so don’t waste it.

Press Alt+k to kill yourself if you get stuck, or if you’re playing with a really really bad player…


Heroes and what they do



Damage type: Melee damage

Primary attack: Mace to Face

Deals A.O.E. in front of her dealing melee damage.

Secondary attack: Slam it Down (Cooldown 10 seconds)

Slams her flail on the floor slightly in front of her doing A.O.E. damage.

Ability 1: Bionka Bounce (Cooldown 11 seconds)

Slams the floor with her “butt” sending enemies in the air but not doing damage.

Ability 2: Beat Dem Back (Cooldown 39 seconds)

Deals heavy damage in a medium range causing a huge knockback.

Passive: Queen of the Unchained

Killing large minions fills Bionka’s Unchained meter even if she has not earned a combo.

How to use: At this point, Bionka is a heavy damage dealer with limited mobility. Make sure that if you solo, you path in a manner where you won’t have to move much.

Rotation: Try to stack up the mobs as much as possible, when you see units you can’t kill with your primary attack in a couple of shots use your secondary. If the wave is harder you can use your Beat them Back (E) to push the wave back or throw them off an edge, or use it to get archers staying in the back or to “catch” an escaping minion. Use Bionka Bounce (Q)  to stack them if needed.

Weaver Upgrades

Tier I

Love my Armor

Reduces damage taken from orcs by 50%.

Love my mace

Dealing damage to an enemy with Slam it Down reduces the cooldown of Beat Dem Back by 5 seconds.

Love da Unchained

Increases the amount of Unchained energy granted by Unchained pickups by 50%.

Tier II

Unchained Momma

Increases the duration of Unchained state by 25%.

Bouncy Momma

Increases the height of the knockup of Bionka Bounce against minions by 50%.

Mean Momma

Reduces the mana cost of Beat Dem Back by 35%.

Tier III

Make Dem Work

Grants Bionka’s Bounce a 50% chance to trigger traps in its area.

Make Dem Stop

Bionka Bounce stuns enemies when they land from its knockup.

Make Dem Ded

Bionka Bounce deals damage to enemies upon landing from its knockup.

Tier IV

Queen of Speed

Increases Bionka’s movement speed during Unchained by 50%.

Queen of Hurt

Slam it Down leaves a crater that slows enemies by 40%.

Queen of Heals

Grants a shield worth 40$ of Bionka’s max health when her health drops below 10%. Last 5 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown.

Recommended Weavers

Love my mace, Bouncy Momma, Make Dem Stop, Queen of Hurt. Basically use Beat them Back (E) early and then use Slam it Down (R-click) to reduce the cooldown. Use Bionka Bounce (Q) to stack them and then use Beat Dem Back (E) or Slam it Down (R-click), repeat.


Damage type: Physical

Primary attack: Slashing Claws

Frontal A.O.E. attack dealing 50% less damage per extra attacker.

Secondary attack: Wound the Prey (cooldown 4 seconds)

Deal 250% extra damage for 4 seconds.

Ability 1: Call to the Beyond (45 seconds)

Summons 2 undead gnolls that target enemies and prioritize those that are wounded.

Ability 2: Go for the Throat (cooldown 5 seconds)

Takes a huge bite out of crime that does A.O.E. frontal damage and heals you, good to combine with Wound the Prey.

Passive: Pounces by double jumping. If you aim at a 45 degree angle up you will get further. Excellent to get somewhere fast or to catch a running opponent. It works also with speed traps.

How to use: Blackpaw is good all around, mobile, good A.O.E. damage and excellent single target damage. Use double jump to move rapidly but focus on big targets since this is your main damage.

Rotation: Use Wound the Prey (R-click) and Go for the Throat (E) for heavy damage. Try to time those when big minions are passing by and use Slashing Claws on smaller minions. Use Call to the Beyond on big waves or bosses, or right after you’ve used Wound the Prey (R-click) and Go for the Throat (E).

Weaver Upgrades

Tier I

Cutting Deep

Increases the duration of Wound the Prey by 1.5 second.

Feral Fitness

Increases Blackpaw’s health regeneration by 1.5% of his max health per second.

Sharper Claws

Increases damage to large minions by 15%.

Tier II

Hungry Wold

Reduces Go for the Throat’s cooldown by 2 seconds.

Thin the Herd

Adds a 2 seconds slow to Wound the Prey.

Spirit Animal

Increases Blackpaw’s max mana by 40.

Tier III

Kindred Souls

Increases damage dealt by Blackpaw’s spirit gnolls by 15%.

Heal, Boy, Heal

Increases health regenerated by Go for the Throat by 30%.

Jumpy Wolf

Removes the mana cost of Pounce.

Tier IV

Vengeful Vigor

Increases Blackpaw’s damage as his health decreases (up to 35%).

Take what is owed

Slashing Claws restores 2% of Blackpaw’s max health on hit.

Call of the Wild

Adds +1 additional undead gnoll to Call to the Beyond.

Recommended Weavers

Sharper Claws, Hungry Wolf, Kindred Souls, Call of the Wild. Rotation does not change.

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  • Nice guide, lots of stuff in there even if I say so myself.
  • Thanks for the guide.
  • Peterargh said:
    Thanks for the guide.

    Anytime Peterarh, you can add me ingame, netnewsnow.
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  • Updated with new content.
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  • Updated with daily missions and siege concept.
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  • Rys4kRys4k Member
    Feel like this is going to break your heart;!/en/blog/R2-mother-blog
  • Rys4k said:
    Feel like this is going to break your heart;!/en/blog/R2-mother-blog
    Thats actually some good news! Thanks for the link.
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  • I've noticed that to find radiant crystals you must play cliffside clash lv28, as the higher cliffside give you rift cores and other high end stuff...
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  • I've noticed that to find radiant crystals you must play cliffside clash lv28, as the higher cliffside give you rift cores and other high end stuff...

    I get a lot of my crystals from playing siege or siege co-op.  if you don't mind playing games against bots, it may be the quickest way to get them.
  • Check out the blackpaw update section, let me know if you think I forgot something.
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  • Yeah, siege vs bots, while entirely random is still far superior at getting you radiant crystals.  You can get 4 in a match at times, and even if you just get one reward you still might end up with 2.  A friend and I played up through most of the survival levels, and the loot pool is so crowded on elementals I think I have gotten 6:1 rift cores to radiant crystals, let alone rift shards and rift embers.  Granted I have played way more siege games, but I would say I have earned at least 60 crystals in siege compared to all of 2 playing survival.  My mote totals on the other hand...

    Lets hope that the crafting changes mix all this up, early on I made several mistakes on traps and upgrades that are now glaring but seemed reasonable early on.
  • Ya I noticed it seems pretty random, I had a few good runs (like a 12) where I would find radiant crystals then I can go on like none in 8 runs... In siege sometimes I win two but its so random its hard to tell... update update update.

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  • UPDATE: Cygnus video and info up.
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    About daily mission : 
    - Surrounded lvl 14 (Survival) has 1020+ minions. You can finish quickly your 1000 minions kills there. (I do it around 10:30 10:40 by using only brimstones).
    - If you want to win lot of maps quickly, you can just farm Cliffside Clash lvl 1 (Survival). 6 waves, 4 minutes. (It works for the quest). Plus, there are 180 minions If I remember correclty
  • Thanks @sortune, added the info on my main and the update will be shown soon.
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  • Updated with patch 1.2 and cleaned up some stuff.
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  • Updated with Stinkeye video. Share your thoughts.
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