This is a dwarf, I forget his name but he loves digging holes,
dancing, being able to toss dynamite midair, dancing in midair,
and dancing in holes, did I mention dancing?

A travesty has befallen this glorious game, and ruined this
dwarfs life. You see, a magical force has claimed the
land, and set a toll on all dancing. Before, citizens could
dance continuously without pause as long as they stood
still. But then, a mysterious girl named Zoey visited the world, 
and sought refuge in the Dwarfs hole. The Dwarf gave her a
place to sleep, and invited her to dance with him. She did join him
so happily, and he proceeded to show her his MLG pro no scope 
dance skillz. She joined in with her twirls, and hops, but unlike the Dwarf
who had limitless energy to dance like the sexy bearded boss he is, she 
was restricted by something beyond the veil they knew as the 4th wall.
She could not dance all night with the Dwarf, tears in her eyes, she apologized
for retiring so early, and went to her room. Forgotten by the Dwarf, there under
the guest bed laid the latest artifact from his excavating, the Book of Chaos. The girl
proceeded to sob, and with a mixture of tears, and anger she said
"Why can't I dance as long as everyone else in Orcs Must Die, if I cannot do it then no one can!"
The Book heard her desire, and presented itself to her and said
"I have heard your wish, and am willing to grant it, in exchange you must take me wherever you go!"
"That doesn't sound so bad" said the girl unaware that a greater power would one day nerf her book club ability.
"Then so be it" said the book. A magical mist spread out the window and covered the land. Zoey, and the
rest of the Orcs Must Die characters fell into a deep sleep. The next day, the girl bid farewell to the Dwarf,
and proceeded to use her OP E ability to annihilate enemy waves to this day.

As for the Dwarf, he proceeded through his daily routine of normal Dwarf things.
He digged holes, and tossed dynamite midair...but he could not dance continuously
like he used to. His neighbor Gabriella thought it a pitiful sight to see the Dwarf so down, unaware
of the curse that has affected everyone because she's too much of a sourpuss to dance at all.
She decided to do nothing...she is a sourpuss as I just mentioned.

The Dwarf fell to his knees, pounded the ground at length, and yelled
"Dancing represents happiness, dancing represents sadness.
Dancing can begin wars, dancing can bring peace.
Dancing brings us together, dancing puts us apart.
If whoever out there has a heart, please hear me out.
Dancing is what I'm all about, without it I cannot be the same.
If there is anything I can do to bring back the dancing, just give me a sign!"

But nobody came...
To this day the Dwarf still does his daily routine, all work and no swagger.
It feels like a dagger has plunged into the small mans heart, but he lives on
hoping someone from the 4th wall will seeing this injustice and speak out against it.

Don't be a bystander, speak out against not dancing continuously, if not
for yourself, do it for the small dancing dwarf man.



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