Siege roles for starters: Pillager

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There was a discussion about topics like this that resulted in many of us expressing our annoyance at how people approached the various roles in this game that many in the community felt was too negative.  This discussion(I hope)  will focus on useful, basic advice for players who want to try siege but don't want to come into a multiplayer setting as a role that no part of survival trained you for.  I want to try and keep this positive, and keep in mind not every aspect of how to do "x" well should or could be performed by someone 3 sieges in.

Pillaging at it's heart is the destrucition of cache boxes of the opposite teams color scattered primarily in opposing territory.  As such, it is the pillagers job to wander, often alone, into areas that could very well have more than one opponent.  The pillage "stat" that characters are ranked with is really about escape.  Characters with great mobility and evasion(Midnight and Blackpaw) are ranked the highest.  Characters with roots, snares, and control for escape(Gabriella, Ivy, Dobbin, Stinkeye) are ranked lower.Breaking open the boxes quickly and sustainably is important, but mostly you don't want to get caught in a 1 v 2 or 1 v 3 while trying to get the only caches you have not opened that wave.  

Caches have a symbol on them, and that symbol represents what "lane" you are getting experience for.  If your team says "push to open helmet" they want you to raid the helmet lane caches in preference to the tower ones.  Those tend to be in the lane you are in, so while pillaging up the tower lane you tend to find tower caches, so if you push with the offense at the start you will mostly find caches to improve that same lane.

The biggest advantage a pillager has is their control over their level, and this is where most pillagers get into trouble.  The temptation is to run off and find people to fight, or assist struggling attacks or defense, but the most important thing for you to do is pillage.  If you are very new, don't worry about what lane you are pillaging for, just open boxes and learn where more boxes are.  If you get attacked, by other players or by bots, don't even try to fight just run.  If you are playing one of the mobility classes you will soon learn how to easily escape/frustrate the other team.  I would urge you to do this for several levels.  

At some point, check the score screen(tab) or compare your level to the opponent heroes you see.  If you have been pillaging well, you may find you are 3 or more levels ahead of the opposite team.  This is where you start to learn how to harass, but until you get a better handle on things make sure you are always pillaging until this point.  Even if you weren't pillaging the ideal lane for your team you should have stumbled across enough leadership to give useful assistance, and most importantly you will go into fights with enemy heroes at a decent advantage.  There is a strong chance if you surprise a weakened opponent you will kill them with your lead off attacks at this point.  Aid the defense by hitting the opposing attackers from behind or come into an offense push from the side and do severe damage to the enemy guardian before their defense knows you are there.

More to this role will follow in this thread, but even as a new player if you play the pillager and just keep hitting those caches and running as soon as you get in trouble I would be very surprised if anyone gave you a hard time.  The two biggest pitfalls come from pillaging too little to stay level competitive, and feeding the other team levels from getting killed by trying to fight and not quite winning.
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