Audio Bug: Broken Record Killstreak Sound

Cliffside Clash Survival  Lvl 68.

Teammate Oziel got a killstreak bonus against a bot Max.  Max's body fell off the map (Outside the 2nd guardian on helm lane) and the sound just glitched out.  The killstreak sound just kept repeating over and over.  Could not turn it off in sound options either via sound effects slider.  Had to lower master volume slider to 0 just to turn it off.   Didnt have video recording up at the time, and screenshots prob wouldnt help XD. 

It happened really fast, but if I had to guess, the body going out of bounds had something to do with it, cuz the sound was working, working, working, then he fell out and boom.  Happened pretty fast and wasnt expecting ti so cant give you more than that
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