Takes Lessons from Cygnus working as intended?

For those unfamiliar, the trait reads
+1% max health for every 50 mana the hero has

Base assumptions: I believe this trait works based on max mana pool, and not current mana. The % max health is based on level 1? max hp.  Its really not clear here.

I decided to test Oz since his mana pool has the potential to explode.  results were less than satisfying.  Now I didnt expect the "max health" to compound as the hero levels, but it appears to not work at all.  It grants the bonus HP at level 1, but even amassing 1200+ souls stacks, the HP bonus appears to be the same.

Here are some screenshots from a test game.

As you can see the bonus HP does not appear to scale with Oz as he gets soul stacks.  Other heroes do not have expanding mana pools so the hp doesnt change.  Oz is a bit of a special case.

Is this intentional?


  • WinwinWinwin Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    After Oziel reaches 200 soul stacks, he starts to experience diminished returns in the amount of mana he receives. Given that the trait adds 1% max health for every 50 mana the hero has, the difference will not be dramatically different.

    The trait is working as intended in the screenshots provided.
  • I guess Im really just asking is the 1% max health based on lvl 1 or does that scale as the hero levels.  And from what Im hearing  and seeing its based on lvl 1. Is this correct?

  • WinwinWinwin Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    It scales with the amount of MP the player has at any given point, not exclusively level 1.
  • Im sorry maybe there was a miscommunication.  Although my question stilll isnt answered I dont care anymore.  If you say its working as intended thats fine, Ill just leave it at that.  I just think you guys need to revisit its usage in siege, it is borderline useless.

    Examine the first screenshot from my original post.  Level 11, 340 mana, 384hp. If we think "max hp" increases as the hero levels up then...
    • this means +6%max hp for a total of 384.  384 - (384/1.06) = ~22hp bonus
    If we think "max hp" is based on level 1 hp, then...
    • 240 * 0.06 = ~14hp bonus. 
    Either way that is pretty terrible for siege.  Seeing as how the trait is the same in survival and siege this seems like an oversight. In survival hp and mp are orders of magnitude larger
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    Hey there Scifi,

    That's really great feedback that you have there. However, winwin (and I) deal predominantly with bugs / technical problems. Head over to general discussion and bring this up.
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  • Is this a literal "not my job" comment? I mean there is a thing such as passing  it on.
    From a drop of information can come a sea of extrapolation.
  • I think this trait has a bug, if not a cap. At level 12 with 300 stacks I was checking and I got 5% bonus HP, it should be 7% since he had 382 of mana.
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    I guess Im really just asking is the 1% max health based on lvl 1 or does that scale as the hero levels.  And from what Im hearing  and seeing its based on lvl 1. Is this correct?

    I had 2 theories
    This trait cap at 5% or it is bad on level 1 HP like you asked.

    at level 12 the base is 387 and i had 406 HP
     406-387 = 19
    19/387 = 5%
    I had 392 mana
    382/50 = 7.64%
     if it was 7% of 387 i should have 27 more HP

    7.64% * 240 (level one health) = 18.33
    18.33 + 387.8= 406

    I mean, u did the math. But the data of what is the HP on each level made it easier to compare.
    The conclusion is that it is based on level 1... I think it is lame, it would be nice if it changed each level for all heroes so the bonus would be higher each level.

    One more thing... Based on that I would say that all the other traits work like that... those health bonus and mana bonus are all based on level 1 and do not progress along with the hero level... That make the traits worst than I thought it was XD
    It Would be nice if the devs considered make the bonus progress along with level.

    Would be nice if  @Shadedev could comment something about it. Like why they decide to do that.

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  • WereElfWereElf Member
    Anyone knows if this trait has been changed since this was posted, or is it still bad?
  • I'm pretty sure it was always based on BASE mana, i.e. Without buffs or other ways of increasing the max mana amount. 
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