Server Issues

The issue i am facing is that although my computer has access to the internet, whenever i launch OMDU, it always states at the login screen, that the server is 'disconnected. i have tried to look for an answer, but so far the only similar issues i have found are ones that happened during the closed beta, which were only sue to the limited time in which the servers were open. Is there anyone who can enlighten me as to how to solve this issue? < this is what i face whenever i launch OMDU, the 'reconnect' function in the settings does not seem to work either. This is further worsened as for whatever reason, when i try to close OMDU, its just 'hangs', and proceeds to stop responding and it forces me to force close it. I have tried re'installing, and it does not seem to work either.


  • Same.! I Also Can't Log-in Sometimes ! 
  • The only thing I can think of for you guys would be to reinstall/repair your launcher.  I can't quite remember how, but I've had to do it before and I think it was for a similar issue. 
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