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Hi, so I was doing some tests...

Turns out that if I use both "Show Off" on blue (+4% HP matching bonus) and "Guardian Vandalism" on green (+4% HP matching bonus), it will only apply a 4% bonus instead of 8%, so it basically renders one of the matching bonuses nul and void... is that normal?

Also, let's say I use "Takes lessons from Cygnus" which per its description gives you "+1% max health for every 50 mana the hero has"... But if I slot any of the traits with a matching bonus of "+8% max mana", it won't stack with "Lessons", meaning that the bonus from the "Lessons" trait will remain the same, with or without extra mana.

The same happens when you increase your mana with battle levels, like with Smolder, BP or Max... meaning "Lessons" only gives you the bonus HP from the base mana of each hero and ignores the +40 mana increase of the battle level...

Is that normal too? Shouldn't they stack? or the effects of some of them be reflected with a hero's progression?

Edit: So I just noticed that traits with a matching bonus of "+8% max mana" will indeed apply a slight bonus to a +40 mana increase weaver upgrade... For exemple, smolder's 290 mana base becomes 313 mana with the trait, and the 40 mana bonus will increase it to 356... which means that it will add the 40 bonus to the 290 base (330) and add an 8% on that, hence the 356 final mana pool.

It seems (though I'm not a 100% sure) that the "+4% HP matching bonus" also works that way. So either "Takes lessons from Cygnus" is not working properly, or it is, but then it should be indicated somewhere that it only applies to the base value.
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    I'm bumping this beacause apparently no dev has seen this... maybe I should've put this in the bugs forum? =/
  • With your bumb and my bumb thats a double bumping... should get attention....

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    I seem to recall a similar question being answered a long time ago with something along the lines that the problem is that the trait should be a different colour and will be fixed. In other words traits of only one colour will have the +HP matching bonus.
  • It might be a bug.Oziel is not getting additional health from stacking manna + Cygnus lessons.
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