I have a few questions in regards to the mechanics of the meta

The 1.2 patch notes could be interpreted a few different ways, I's like to clear it up.
1) Is coin split evenly between defenders when both are present?
2) Is coin split unevenly if one defender has a trap present but the other actually defends it?
3) Is coin split between the players and the guardians?
4) The mathematics on the xp gain for attackers is befuddling with how it's explained. 
4a) So the new xp total for each wave will equal 1. correct?
4b) the max any single pusher can get is 75%?
4c) the rest goes to the team evenly?
5) Pushing with more than one splits the total evenly between all escorts?
5a) so pushing with 2 people is a 33% xp reduction to each player and the team gets none as a whole?
5b) how much total pillaging xp in regards to total minion xp is there per lane? (If you get all the boxes on the lane, will it equal escorting the lane the entire way? Not minion portal but player xp)
6) xp gained from kills is split how?
7) Is xp gained from kills determined by level difference between the players involved and how so?
From a drop of information can come a sea of extrapolation.
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