Community traps ideas suggestion thread!



  • We need parts too!

    Since it will have more tiers than t7:

    Parts that allow ceiling traps to be placed at walls
    Parts that allow wall traps to be placed on ceiling and floor! op

    We need dart spitter and all old traps to come back and then new traps!

  • Don't forget floor traps on the walls and ceiling.
  • Here's what I imagined lately as good traps to add :
    The Lava Bucket : Would work as boulder chute and Icicle impaler, 1x1 roof fire trap, not very exciting but in the spirit of what already exists

    The flamethrower : 1x2 roof fire trap, not much to say, you know what's a flamethrower :) 

    The Power Grid : A 1x1 floor trap dealing electric damage upon several enemies (as the brimstone or the cursed ground), the trap would look like some electric arcs between electrodes in each corner of the trap
    OR/AND The Electric Bath : same description than above and working as a tar trap, slowing a bit enemies but dealing less damage

    The mouse trap : Well it's kind of a spike wall but on the floor : 1x2 or 1x3

    The Arcanic Teleporter : a trap that could be placed only twice with two uses : 
    -first one, on floor, the first trap placed is the entrance, the second one is the exit, the trap needs to reload after 10 small minions or 2 heavy minions or a combination of both. 1x1
    -if placed on wall it could be used as a teleporter for players (as dobbins tunnel) but it could be deactivated by enemy heroes (as power generators) or even used by enemy heroes

    I'd like to like some visuals but i'm too bad drawing, so I'll let your imagination make it real ;) Hope that gives you some more ideas, and see you later in game.
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