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  • We need parts too!

    Since it will have more tiers than t7:

    Parts that allow ceiling traps to be placed at walls
    Parts that allow wall traps to be placed on ceiling and floor! op

    We need dart spitter and all old traps to come back and then new traps!

  • Don't forget floor traps on the walls and ceiling.
  • Here's what I imagined lately as good traps to add :
    The Lava Bucket : Would work as boulder chute and Icicle impaler, 1x1 roof fire trap, not very exciting but in the spirit of what already exists

    The flamethrower : 1x2 roof fire trap, not much to say, you know what's a flamethrower :) 

    The Power Grid : A 1x1 floor trap dealing electric damage upon several enemies (as the brimstone or the cursed ground), the trap would look like some electric arcs between electrodes in each corner of the trap
    OR/AND The Electric Bath : same description than above and working as a tar trap, slowing a bit enemies but dealing less damage

    The mouse trap : Well it's kind of a spike wall but on the floor : 1x2 or 1x3

    The Arcanic Teleporter : a trap that could be placed only twice with two uses : 
    -first one, on floor, the first trap placed is the entrance, the second one is the exit, the trap needs to reload after 10 small minions or 2 heavy minions or a combination of both. 1x1
    -if placed on wall it could be used as a teleporter for players (as dobbins tunnel) but it could be deactivated by enemy heroes (as power generators) or even used by enemy heroes

    I'd like to like some visuals but i'm too bad drawing, so I'll let your imagination make it real ;) Hope that gives you some more ideas, and see you later in game.
  • Bionka decoy: A direct upgrade from the normal decoy with a twist. It works the same for most enemies, but for orcs and such, they get a different effect. Any orc that gets in range gets mesmerized one by one, and gets a slow debuff that lasts for a short amount of time.

    Alternatives: Decoys for other factions (like the order), a sorceress decoy (basically a normal decoy but with the mesmerize effect) and a fat decoy (The 'expensive' version of the normal decoy, minus the mesmerized effect. Also comes with max commenting on how they should have found a different person to take his place.)
  • Hey   , i have some new Trap ideas going on my head  , wanted to share them :)

    1.Piranah Floor Trap - a Floor trap , Same size as Tar/Brimstones etc...
    its a small pool of Hungry Piranahs that Slow and eat enemies , some combination of Grinders and Tar as a floor trap

    Simple but very cool - imagine u have few of them on the floor and u see small piranahs jumping around  in a pool trying to catch some orcs ! 

    2.Black Hole / Void Trap - this one im still not sure about , the idea is to get some kind of Black Hole that can do some crazy things like : Sucking enemies into it  , making them disapear  .
    or maybe imagine u can put it anywhere on the map just like Unstable Rifts! but instead a big Orcish/Alien hand will show from time to time and Grab enemies to the VOID ! this can have high cost and cooldown . 
    it can also be some kind of a portal that sucks enemies into it, then after few secodns another portal will show in the air throwing those enemies to the abyss , lava , water , sharks and so on ...

    3.The Deadly Meal - this one is my favorite ! it can get real funny , its a big Bowl trap(just like the one the Cook gurdian have) with the Orcs favorite Meal combined with Poison - the idea is , the Orcs see the Meal , stop for second  , eat it and keep running, then they slowly start getting wierd effects on them ! it can either be Buffs or Debuffs - one orc can die instanly exploding and damging others , the other Orc can feel sick , FART! and make a poison cloud on other orcs! , but it also give them buffs like a Speed bonus , More health , Shield and so on!

    this is just some idea popped in my head  hope u liked them ^^

  • i have another cool idea for a trap that can be really awesome!

    Wood Totem Trap - 
    so you know those maps where you dont have a good place for cieling ballistas? how about a big Totem that you can place like 1-2 of them on each map , and those wood totems let u place Cieling Ballistas on them !  , this way you can make some crazy killing rooms
  • BangorBangor Member
    Acid Oscillator
    Wall trap that sprays acid back and forth like a garden sprinkler. Shorter range than arrow or spitfire wall, but covers a wide area.
    Size: 1x1
    Area: 2x3
    "Acidillator? Ascillador? Forget it, I'm gonna call it 'Jeff'!" -Maximilian, the War Mage

    Acid Gusher
    Floor trap that looks like the tip of an oil well. Sprays acid up from the ground when triggered, covering a large area (something like an inverse Overload Trap). Enemies directly on the trap take full damage, while nearby enemies take half.
    Size: 1x1
    Area: 3x3
    Count: 6
    And up from the ground came some bubblin' gunk. Acid, that is. Green gold. Territories Tea.

    Acid Fall
    Ceiling trap that pours a three-second waterfall of acid when triggered, damaging enemies who pass underneath it.
    Size: 2x1
    Area: 2x1
    Duration: 3
    Don't go chasing acid falls, please stick to the flip traps and the spikes that you're used to...

    Tall Wall
    A barricade that's high enough to allow for a wall trap on each of its four sides.
    Size: 1x1
    Count: 4
    "It's a wall. That's tall. What part of this is confusing you, Max?!" -Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress
  • Thumbs up for the "Tall Wall", because i had the exact same idea! This would be so nice! 
    Also i had these Ideas, but i didnt found this article here when writing it. Please someone extract the idea and put it on the list :P
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