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    i still hope for this bad boy to be a thing soon:
  • Empowering siphon: Increases damage by 0.25% each time an enemy crosses the trap. This buff can be stacked 100 times and lasts for 10 seconds.

    Defensive siphon: Increases armor by 0.25 each time an enemy crosses the trap. This buff can be stacked 50 times and lasts for 5 seconds.
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    VoidByte said:

    • Dangerous Sprinkler
      Placement: Floor
      Size: 1x1
      Radius: 2x2
      Debuff Duration: 5 seconds
      Number of : 30
      Description: The dangerous sprinkler sprays orcs with gasoline. Enemies that are hit by it, will receive 20% more fire damage for 5 seconds and catch fire. After all the gasoline has been used up, the sprinkler will take some time to refill.
    • Grandma's Rolling Pin
      Placement: Wall
      Size: 1x4
      Damage: 120
      Effect: Will flatten small and medium enemies, deal 120 damage and leave them flattened on the ground for 2 seconds.
      Description: A powerful construction manufactured by dwarves, this giant rolling pin will spring from the walls, knock back big enemies and flatten small and medium sized ones. Was originally used to roll out only the best of pizzas.
    • Merry Jester
      Placement: Floor
      Size: 1x1
      Radius: Entire Map
      Effect: Similar to the summoner trap, this trap will summon a harlequin that will lure enemies towards it and proceed to lead them around the map at random. 
      Description: By the darkest, evilest of powers, a truly dispicable creature is spawned: the Jester. He will taunt enemies until they attack him and then he will flee and only return to his original spot once he feels the danger has passed.
      Note: This is intended to possibly work both for and against the player, randomly leading the enemies away from or towards spots where the player wants them to go.
    • Pendulum of Destiny
      Placement: Ceiling
      Size: 1x10
      Hight: 5
      Damage: 250
      Effect: A giant pendulum that will swing back and forth continueously and damage and toss enemies about as it goes.
      Description: When Cygnus left the academy, he wanted to bring with him the biggst keepsake he could find. Since the watch tower already belonged to somebody else, he decided on the Pendulum of Destiny. Small and medium sized enemies are tossed around and all enemies take damage.
    • Poster of adorable unicorn babies
      Placement: Wall
      Size: 1x1
      Duration: 4 seconds
      Number of affected enemies: up to 2 big and 4 small minions
      Effect: Big and small enemies (excluding mercenaries and bosses) stop and look at the poster amorously.
      Description: A poster of cute-as-a-button, super plushy unicorn babies. Even ogres cannot help but be enchanted!
    • Spintop
      Placement: Floor
      Size: 3x3
      Duration: 10 seconds
      Number of enemies affected: all minions that are on the trap when it is triggered
      Effect: A floor trap that will spin around when minions walk onto it and cause them to walk in a random different direction.
      Description: This trap will leave the minions spinning. Enemies that walk over it are turned around without noticing and will take a while before they realize it and turn back around. 
    • Plattenbau
      Placement: Floor
      Size: 4x4
      Health Points: 500
      Effect: Creates a construction consisting of 2 walls, a floor and a ceiling, allowing players to place traps where they wouldn't be able to otherwise. The Plattenbau will take damage from minion hits and once it gets destroyed, all traps placed on it are destroyed along with it. 
      Description: Four walls, a new home, nothing more, nothing less! But watch out! Don't let it be destroyed in the chaos!
    • Vanishing Curtains
      Placement: Ceiling
      Sizee: 5x5
      Duration: 25 Seconds
      Number of enemies affected: 30 at one time
      Effect: Curtains are hung from the roof and when minions walk under they will vanish and stay inside the curtains for a time. Unless you count them as they go in and out, you will never know how many are inside the curtain. Players can enter the curtains and deal and receive damage while there, but they will be unable to see anything. Enemies inside the curtain are immune to damage from the outside. Once the curtains lift, all remaining enemies will be released and it will take some time before the curtains go back down.
      Description: The Vanishing Curtains are a magical artifact that will surround anything and anyone they envelop in total darkness. Even minions desperately try to escape them. Nothing inside the curtains can be touched from the outside.
    • Wall
      Placement: Floor
      Cost: 1250
      Size: 2x1
      Height: 3
      Limited to 4 at a time
      Effect: A barricade that allows for traps to be placed on it as if it were a regular wall. However, it is so tall that you can neither shoot, see or jump over it.
      Description: A wall.. sometimes with, sometimes without grafiti.. half torn posters are part of the basic set up.
    • Pushy Poles
      Placement: Wall
      Size: 1x1
      Height: 2
      Range: 1
      Duration: Extends and pulls back in on a 10 second loop.
      Effect: Three steel bars will periodically extend from within the wall and block the path for players and minions both.
      Description: Lock out your enemies... and yourself! Three steel cylinders will slowly extend from the wall and block the path for a short duration. 

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  • is it for next nerf ?
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    bennytor said:
    is it for next nerf ?
    Is what for next nerf?
    So this is how we add small words under our post/comments.
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    Name: Wall Pike
    Size: 0.5x0.5 (same size as ice shard trap in otherwords)
    Type/attributes: Wall trap, physical damage, ignores armor, damages all enemies hit by the pike.
    Range: 2.00
    Damage: 140
    re-fire rate: 7.5s
    Cost: 300
    Upgrades increase damage by 16% per tier.
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    I'm not too picky about what I'd like to see added as far damage types or effects, but I mostly size and range additions.  I'd like to see a floor trap that is 2x1 or 2x.5 as a contrast to Fire Cracker's 3x.5 and Saw of Arcatos' 4x.5 sizes.  I'd also Like a floor trap that attacks in a similar fashion to the Dragon's Lance or Ceiling Balista.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the devs would not like a floor trap like this though due to balancing issues.  Finally it would be nice to have a mini-barricade that's .5x.5 or .5x1 for the those odd shaped gaps that are like 3 or 5 wide to better fit without staggering normal barricades.  Maybe a return of the Archer Guardian as a variant of the Summoner Trap?  Mostly I'd like traps that fill in purposes that aren't already being met by existing traps.
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    Trap: Water Sprayer

    This traps is like Naphtha Sprayer, but it sprays water. So it makes minions wet and they take additional electrical and ice damage and also (may be) get higher chance to be frozen. And take no or less damage from fire (may be). Of course, this way we need to add new minions condition - "wet".
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    hi i think a good idea for the futur of orc must die is  skin for the traps  and this will be funny you can sell that for gold  and thi can helps you much for finacing the game evolution  . And to much player really like to have this for customize her traps 
  • a one-way barricade. allowing minions to go trough it by only one side, could be useful for faster par times!
    it would by a 1x1 side with an arrow showing where minions can get trough, ( inspiration found on a mario maker item denying to go through another side than the one shown by an arrow)
  • Here's another trap idea: a wall trap that's the same size of a mana/healing well (0.5 width, 1 height) that throws toxic spores at ennemies, poisoning them and slowing them up, the trap would have a 2 block range (slightly less range than arrow walls) and would shoot spores for the same duration as naptha sprayers (maybe half a second less).
    The trap can also rotate, in order to be placed under another trap.
    this way you can place even more traps on a killbox and still be deadly efficient!
    It would also allow to create a new resonator: poison resonator, dealing let's say 50% more damage to poisoned ennemies!
    It would be great to have a small wall trap that deals damage, and it would also allow to add a poison based trap on the loadouts, we already have ennemies and heroes that can poison, why not traps as well? 
    it would be a great adding to the game in my opinion.
    the name of the trap can be poisonous spore sprayer trap, if you have a better trap name, i won't mind, i'm bad at naming things

  • or maybe do not make it rotatable to be placed under a trap but only rotatable horizontaly and work the same way as a scorcher would! i'll like that as well!
  • Make a lightning version of the Arcane Bowling Ball. When fully charged it makes a ray of lightning that zaps every orc in a straight line, like the Bowling Ball. But does low damage, but hits a lot of times. Of course it penetrates until it hits a wall, just like the bowling ball.
  • Here's a good one! a 0.5 width 1 height wall trap "speakers", when triggered, the speakers will randomly start playing one song between 3 different songs:
    1. One of  Bionka's songs (back when Siege was a thing), Mezmerising enemies that hears the song 
    2. One of the "Rooster teeth" rock band songs (featuring Maximillian and Hogarth (look at their amazing skins)) dealing damage over time to ennemies that hears the song (bleeding ears)
    3. Blackpaw's howls (literally a call to the beyond from blackpaw's skills), that summons 2 undead gnolls, fighting with the heroes
    the trap cannot be re-activated by using the gnomish repair kit or gabriella's kinetic pulse skill.
    Upgrading it would upgrade all the different effects ofthe trap (more duration to the mezmerise effect, more damage over time, tankier gnolls etc...)
    feel free to add more if you have other ideas, i find it quite funny to have a trap that could have multiple effects that can show up randomly. I would definetly play such a trap.

  • a 1 x 0.5 floor trap "dust sprayer" that basically casts dust devil (slows ennemies and reduces physical armor) on the ennemies that steps on the trap for a really short ammount of time, each upgrade increases it's duration. The trap cannot be retriggered by gabriella's ability or gnomish repair kit.

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    Trap Idea? Ok, BARRICADE.
    Barricade on a special Key. Every player has a wall in his trap-slot. It's a mandatory since omd1. But the special key will remove it - and frees one slot for one additional trap.
    means - more different traps for each player
    means - more combos
    means - changing all ladder tops
    means - changing the game forever ))
  • Trap Name: Flamethrower
    Size: 1x1
    Type/attributes: Wall trap, shoots fire in a stream, deals fire damage, deals splash damage, deals DoT. Locks on to a single target like ballistas do, but with a shorter lock-on delay
    Range: 1.50 + 180 degree firing arc
    Damage: 44 damage per charge + small fire DoT, flames have a medium splash radius.
    Charges/Recharge: 10 max charges, uses a charge every 0.50 when firing, 1 charge recharges every second when not firing.
    Role: Fodder cleaner with high burst damage.  
    Cost: 1500
    Rarity: Rare

  • @RaNdOmKiLs666
    there’s already a spitfire wall trap and scorchers that are quite similar to what you described, i don’t think this could be a thing, maybe change it to be arcane or frost damage and maybe this could be a thing.
  • @RaNdOmKiLs666
    there’s already a spitfire wall trap and scorchers that are quite similar to what you described, i don’t think this could be a thing, maybe change it to be arcane or frost damage and maybe this could be a thing.
    The spitfire and scorchers shoots in a straight line, while my trap works like a flamethrower mounted to a turret that rotates and locks onto a single target and fires a stream of fire, which deals splash damage and DoT. Changing the element to frost or arcane would be pretty cool as well though.
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