New Hero Ideas!- 13 Hero's with more to come!



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    I have a new hero idea for OMD!U; a gunslinger. What I mean is a cowboy who has one revolver that can fire 6 shots before reloading. His passive buff is each shot powers the other shots by 10%. The first ability is sacrificing all but one bullet to increast that bullet's power by 75%, maybe 100%. His second is locking in place, then unloading the cylinder rapidly with a 15% damage bonus applied to each shot. The passive buff does no't stack with the Ability Buff. First Weapon: Gold Fanner. Deals a moderate amount of damage. 2nd Weapon: Pierce the Heavens. Fires a gold shot that consumes 2 shots but has 5% increased damage and pierces enemies, the more powerful the enemies, the less powerful the shot. Intended to use to wipe out weak orcs or finish off heroes hiding behind orcs. Special trap: Sidearm. The Sidearm is a wall trap in which a robotic hand has a gun that looks like a black Nintendo nes zapper gun. Along with this, the hand looks like those game gloves where it has buttons on the glove, etc, also black. The sidearm deals even less damage than the dragon's lance, however it is 500 coin and shoots MUCH faster than both of the ceiling bows. Also, if the Sidearm gets a kill, the player will earn 50 gold. If it is an enemy hero, 200 gold. Now, on to Looks. He would have these black and gold pauldrens with a gold pattern like strings. Along with that, he wears a short-sleeved jacket-like armor with the same pattern of the Pauldrens, with the Rift symbol on the back. An ammo sash companies the armor set with a pair of combat jeans that have a small chain in the pocket. HE wears a hat that has the rim like a blade(From Mortal Combat), and the facial features are up 2 u. Along with the Revolver's, just think of Rose's revolver's with a shorter barrel. I hope this idea is turned into reality :D Lemme know if this is a good idea!
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  • deleting your previous posts and moving them to then end of the thread is a great way to have people ignore them further. Secondly, if you copy and paste a character from another game, it's not a good idea; it's not creative and it's not YOUR idea. also if you format the description better, we'd likely be more interested in giving better feedback.
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  • Well, SORRY. First of all, the first post was a mistake. Second of all, Harmonia ON DISCORD TOLD ME TO. And also, where has this idea been? This isn't McCree. All I wanted was a cowboy character k? I'm not saying McCree should be in the game, I don't even play Overwatch. I don't know why you are saying that I wasn't the creator of the idea when it was. Also, if this seemed like McCree, then Harmonia would have told me. Good day.
  • Also, that's because I thought this was a thread where people only announced new heros, not ideas. But then Harmonia told me to move my post back here, so I did.
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    @Jacowboy, I don't really pay attention to colour as much as I do culture. It's fun when your character has a slightly cocky side or crazy one. I mean we could do a mideastern person as vortex, they tend to be prideful people. And so both of you are twisting it to a wind mage... so basic like the prime elements.
    True, but since nothing's been done with the wind element so far in the game (except the steam vent), it might be a good opportunity... Bionca is gonna be physical/melee, and the likely next one should be Temper is gonna be fire/melee... Other than that the possible returning heros are... who's left? Kobold King is also physical/melee IIRC, and the paladin-kinda guy I think is arcane/melee I think?

    Anywyas, the point is maybe a bit more diversity in that regard, and in a recent Insider Access they were talking about the possibility of bringing asian-oriented characters, so there you go =P
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    I am super interested in that cool arcane looking death knight on the loading screen. Was he in any early alpha builds? What's his name? I think I heard it was Lancelot somewhere
  • @PlayerHD no need to get butthurt, but you posted it three times in this thread and deleted the first two to make it the most recent post. Secondly, with how you were just saying make it like this character and this character from these games.... seemed a bit copy and paste. moving the entire idea from your original post I wasnt commenting on because it was a compilation of ideas. and if we don't comment on it you don't have to shove it back to the top, it means we didnt care one way or another, the idea wasnt interesting us enough to warrant a response to it.
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    I am super interested in that cool arcane looking death knight on the loading screen. Was he in any early alpha builds? What's his name? I think I heard it was Lancelot somewhere
    I just remembered: Sir Winston... You can look him up on youtube... some people still have some gameplay footage from alpha/closed beta with him.
  • @JeremiahTemple I already explained why I did that. For a minute I thought this was to only announce, that's why I deleted it. Then I showed Harmonia my post on steam. He told me to move it to this thread. So I did. IF you can't understand that, then you shouldn't be calling me butthurt when you can read what I said. And also, at least label which character are you talking about if you want to alter it. Idk how I can just read your mind and alter it to be different from those people. Short: HARMONIA READ MY POST, THEN TOLD ME TO MOVE IT HERE, WHERE I WAS B4. AND I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT MY IDEA, I WANT ACTUAL FEEDBACK FROM PEOPLE THAT ARE WILLING TO READ MY POST AND GIVE THEIR FEELINGS ABOUT IT.
  • >:( >:( >:(

  • My issue was you posted it to THIS thread 3 times deleting the first two and reposting it to move it to the front of people's attention. If it was seen and no response was given, it doesn't need reposting.
    From a drop of information can come a sea of extrapolation.
  • GOD...
  • I misunderstood, when you said announce, because why would players and not robot staff announce new heroes.
    From a drop of information can come a sea of extrapolation.
  • >:(
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    Some generic hero ideas I’d like to see:

    1.  Max’s plucky kid brother.  Maybe he can have the Bladestaff. That would make sense.

    2.  Wind heroes!  Vortex is cool.  More physics is more better.

    3.  A hero with both the Blunderbuss and Dwarven Rocket Launcher from OMD2. An alternate Brass idea maybe?

    4.  A hero with the polymorph ring ability from OMD2.  I want to see some orcs transmogrified into chickens already.

    5.  A comically ridiculous vampire who takes himself way too seriously. The dialog possibilities are endless.

    6.  Some transforming heroes, for example:

    • A wizard who transforms into elementals.  Ability 1, 2 and 3 either revert the transformation or transform the hero into a fire, lightning, or ice elemental.  Each state has a different primary attack, secondary attack, and passive ability. The untransformed (wizard) state would deal arcane damage. Transformation would be slow (eg, 4 second charge).
    • A melee hero that changes stances by transforming his weapon (yes, I’ve played too much Bloodborne). Ability 3 transforms the weapon, which would switch the primary and secondary attacks between short/fast and long/slow moves.  Weapon transformation would be near instant.  This could be something cool to do with Sir Winston.  He could switch between an evil arcane broadsword and a scythe.
    • A hero that transforms between melee and ranged. Like a werewolf.  The hero could start as a human hunter with a repeater that hurls wooden stakes or something similar. Ability 3 would make him a big snarly monster. Ability 1 and 2 (whatever they are) would only work in the human state. Werewolf mode is smash mode. Transformation would be a slow charge as well.
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    To put some flesh on some of the above suggestions...

    Comically ridiculous vampire. 

    Black cape. Widow's peak. Overly serious voice. Classic. 
    Damage Type:  Arcane.
    Intended Roles:  Assassin, Pusher.
    • Primary Attack:  Melee attack with arcane claws.
    • Secondary Attack:  Throw a spear of arcane energy.
    • Ability 1:  Transforms into a fast moving wisp of arcane energy that explodes when it touches a hero. Deals lots of damage to the hero he catches. He then poofs back to normal, probably reminding you of his infinite power in the process.
    • Ability 2:  Becomes insubstantial and possesses a friendly minion or boss. You get to control the minion.  Must hold his finger to his head and make a constipated face while possessing a minion.
    • Ability 3:  Turn into a bat. Flies around fast. Can still attack, but it does, like, 1 damage per attack and is solely for annoyance purposes.  Diabolical laughter must accompany attacking in bat form.
    • Passive:  Glide jump like Gabby from OMD2. Also requires diabolical laughter.

    Earth Druid.
    Better idea than a werewolf, yet still possessing a rustic and manly quality.
    Damage Type:  Physical (earth).
    Intended Roles:  Defense, Minion Support.
    • Primary Attack:  Stone Staff from OMD2. Ranged stone blasts that do physical damage.
    • Secondary Attack:  Radial petrify. Again, Stone Staff from OMD2.
    • Ability 1:  A line attack that causes spires to shoot up from the earth and deal damage, kind of like the Bone Amulet from OMD2 with more height and a temporary wall effect.
    • Ability 2:  Buff henge. Summon five stone pillars in a large circle around him.  Buffs allies within the enclosed area.
    • Ability 3:  Transform into a stone golem. Gets new primary and secondary attacks: smash face and AoE smash faces, respectively. Ability 1 and 2 can't be activated while in golem form.
    • Passive:  Gets stone skin when very low on health, which grants a large physical/magical armor boost.

    Orc Slayer 9000.
    A gnome in a steam/magic powered mech. Has a saw blade for one hand and a winch/claw apparatus for the other.
    Damage Type:  Physical.
    Intended Roles:  Defense.
    • Primary Attack:  Melee attack with saw blade arm.
    • Secondary Attack:  360 spinning saw blade attack, because that's what you were expecting, right?
    • Ability 1:  Fires the claw, which reels an enemy to the hero if it hits. (Get over here!)
    • Ability 2:  Fires a salvo of fireworks. Ranged explosive attack. Also, sparkly.
    • Ability 3:  The Orxploder. Drop a landmine. Yes, I did notice you could plant a landmine and then claw-winch someone over it. Isn't that fancy?
    • Passive:  Abandon ship! When he's out of hp the mech explodes, but Mr Gnome jumps out and can run away. He needs to rebuild the mech with a charged secondary attack action. Or he can just run around smacking people with his little wrench for a while, if so inclined.

    Puff the Magic Wizard.
    Old man in a pointy hat. Preferably Cyngus’ childhood rival so they can trash talk each other on the battlefield.
    Transforms into elementals, which changes his primary attack, secondary attack, and passive ability. 
    Damage Type:  Default (wizard) form deals Arcane damage.
    Intended Roles:  Defense.
    • Primary Attack:  Purple frickin’ laser. Steady beam of arcane damage while the button is held.
    • Secondary Attack:  Mana nexus. Summon a swirly purple thing that looks kind of like a rift. It buffs nearby traps and regens his mana. Sometimes makes fun of Cygnus' rift when he casts it.
    • Ability 1:  Transform into a thunder cloud.
          - Primary:  Zap. Long ranged lightning damage.
          - Secondary:  Discharge. While the button is held he fires random short range lightning blasts in every direction, burning through mana.
          - Passive:  10% chance that any physical attack will miss, because he's a cloud.
    • Ability 2:  Transform into an ice giant. You know, like in Frozen, or like every ice elemental picture ever drawn.
          - Primary:  Icey punch.
          - Secondary:  Shatter into a large tornado of ice shards dealing AoE damage.
          - Passive:  Can hit jump while in the air to turn into an icicle and smash downward - truncating the jump and dealing some damage.
    • Ability 3:  Transform into a flaming dragon thing. 
          - Primary:  Spit medium ranged fireballs.
          - Secondary:  Flap wings for radial knockback with small burn DoT.
          - Passive:  Hitting him with melee damage gives the attacker a small fire DoT effect.
    • Passive:  Consumes magical energy. Whenever he takes damage from a magical source, his primary attack damage is buffed for a short time.

    Max's plucky kid brother.

    Just a modified Vortex from earlier in the thread (see ideas from @Jacowboy and @JeremiahTemple)
    Has a gigantic chip on his shoulder and a hand-me-down Bladestaff from Max.  
    Damage Type:  Physical (wind).
    Intended Roles:  Defense.
    • Primary Attack:  Same as OMD2 Bladestaff (slash).
    • Secondary Attack:  Same as OMD2 Bladestaff (radial wind blast with damage and knock back).
    • Ability 1:  Dash. Move quickly forward, with little ability to steer, on a gust of wind.
    • Ability 2:  Spherical wind blast centered on mini-Max. AoE knockback/damage that does decreased knockback/damage the further it is from him. 
    • Ability 3:  Summons a Tornado that does some damage, but mostly flings minions/heroes around. Like a roaming AI Haymaker.
    • Passive:  Gains a temporary wind bubble granting a large physical armor boost for 1 second after activating any mana costing ability (ie, not after his primary attack).

    Added Puff.
    Edit2:  Added mini-Max.
    Edit3:  Added roles that each hero was intended to fill.
    Edit4:  Forgot mini-Max passive.
    Edit5:  Removed mana drain ability from Puff, because I realized player mana drain is bad design. Rookie mistake.
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    Bored in your hotel room with jet lag and crappy wifi that can’t handle Netflix? Why not waste some more time fleshing out your hero suggestions? Sure, why not... 

    She’s an adventurer with a Blunderbuss, a Dwarven Rocket Launcher, a lightning charged glove, and hat that’s way too big for her head.  One ability switches whether she has the Blunderbuss or Rocket Launcher equipped.
    Damage Type:  Physical and Lightning.
    Intended Roles:  Assassin
    • Primary Attack (Blunderbuss):  Same as OMD2 without that annoying spinning thing (medium ranged cone).
    • Secondary Attack (Blunderbuss):  Rapid fire 3 shots.
    • Primary Attack (Rocket Launcher):  Fires a small, fast moving missile with tiny AoE.
    • Secondary Attack (Rocket Launcher):  Similar to OMD2 primary. Long range heat seeking missile that causes an explosion with AoE damage/knockback upon impact.
    • Ability 1:  Charges up the equipped weapon with lightning. The next primary/secondary attack will add a weapon-dependent lightning effect (only for a single attack).
        - Blunderbuss:  Adds a chain lightning effect, wherein damage bounces to nearby targets. 
        - Rocket Launcher:  Adds bonus damage and enlarges the AoE. 
    • Ability 2:  Taser glove! Melee lightning burst damage with a brief stun.
    • Ability 3:  Switches equipped weapon.
    • Passive: Backflip. Tap jump twice to backflip for a quick, short ranged escape.

    This Guy is Whacked.
    He’s seen some orc and gone a bit bonkers for it.  Einstein has nothing on this guy’s hair, because his hair is an antennae to the spirit world.  He wears overly complicated glasses so he can see “beyooooond”. His weapon is a strange contraption with a bunch of crystals that shoots little bolts of light.
    Damage Type:  Fire.
    Intended Roles:  Pusher, Minion Support.
      • Primary Attack:  Fire crystal. Red bolt of light that ignites enemies it hits (fire DoT).
      • Secondary Attack:  Anti-magic crystal. Fires a purple bolt that removes buffs and adds a vulnerability to magic damage. Also causes Barriers it hits to flicker out of existence for 1 second. Barriers are only vulnerable to this once a minute.
      • Ability 1:  Rift crystal. Fires a white bolt that creates a flaming portal wherever it hits (floor, ceiling, wall, minion), which sucks nearby minions toward it and deals fire damage.
      • Ability 2:  Transmogrification crystal. Fires a green bolt that transforms minions it hits; buffs allied minions and debuffs enemy minions.  Enemy minions hit are turned into random farm animals (chicken, sheep, cow, etc) with varying hp/speed. Allied minions hit are turned into random scary monsters (giant octopus, man-shark, unreasonably large spider, etc).
      • Ability 3:  Mirror image. Creates a reflective portal over the hero that duplicates him. Both copies have the same abilities and damage, but one is a bot with 50 hp and the other is the real hero.
      • Passive:  His fancy glasses let him see invisible things, like Midnight, or the occasional thing that should not be.


      Edit1:  Added role each hero was intended to fill.
      Edit2:  Some Kaboom tweaks.

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    • Not sure if it has been suggested and by far not a complete hero idea. But I think it would be interesting to have a hero glyph that could be placed on the opposing teams attack lanes. This would "steal" a glyph spot from the attacking team. The glyph could then provide a debuff of some kind: slow, attack, health, that would be determined on first character upgrade. There would then be several ways to implement that, I don't care for option one. 1. The glyph stays unless sold by the owner. 2. Attacking team has a chance to earn the glyph spot back by killing that specific hero a certain number of times, for example if he dies twice the glyph disappears and that spot is "freed", if it isn't claimed by the time the hero respawns the glyph can be placed down again but at an increased price. 3. It can be the opposite of Bionka, after a certain number of enemies have been debuffed the glyph disappears, hero can place glyph down again at an increased price.
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      Guess I'll finish off the list...

      Snobby Elf Guy
      He's got shiny golden armor, an ego to compete with Max's, and a longsword than can transform into a spear via some trick of elven craftsmanship.
      Damage Type:  Physical.
      Intended Roles:  Pusher, Minion Support.
      • Primary Attack (Sword):  Rapid slash with a narrow-ish arc.
      • Secondary Attack (Sword):  High damage wide arc slash. It also summons a semi-circular wall of brambles two melee lengths away. The wall fades fairly quickly, but blocks enemy movement and ranged projectiles while it's up.
      • Primary Attack (Spear):  Slower and longer melee attack with a very wide arc (270 degrees).
      • Secondary Attack (Spear):  High damage vertical slash with a long reach. It also creates a very slow moving (minion speed) green orb.  If the orb hits an enemy it explodes into a mass of pointy roots dealing AoE damage.
      • Ability 1:  Tangles enemy Traps in vines and prevents them from working. AoE trap disable.
      • Ability 2:  Self heal.
      • Ability 3:  Transforms his weapon between a sword and a spear.
      • Passive:  Valor stacks.  He gains permanent stacks when he takes damage that grant bonus physical and magical armor. Stacks gained are proportional to the amount of health lost.

      Gigantor & Co.
      A giant who smashes puny orcs with a petrified log.  He also has an impressive mustache. He won a ribbon for it once, and he's very proud of that fact. There are a bunch of little stone gremlins that live in his hat, hang out on his shoulders drinking beer, and occasionally dare to dangle from his magnificent mustache.
      Damage Type:  Physical (earth).
      Intended Roles:  Defense.
      • Primary Attack:  Rock log smack.
      • Secondary Attack:  Upward slash that does heavy damage and knocks the enemy into the air.
      • Ability 1:  He conjures a boulder from the earth and sends it rolling forward. The gremlins help keep it rolling by pushing. Well, they try anyway, but they aren't very effective and mostly just get run over. E for effort.
      • Ability 2:  Causes a circular pillar of stone to shoot up under the targeted area, knocking all enemies in the AoE into the air.
      • Ability 3:  Berserker mode. He flies into a rage, gains a movement speed and damage bonus, but he can't stop running forward while wildly swinging his rock log.
      • Passive:  His little stone gremlin buddies will build tiny catapults on top of (or hanging from) a Trap that he places, adding an extra "pelt with pebbles" effect to his Traps (bonus Trap damage via mini-ballistas).
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