New Hero Ideas!- 13 Hero's with more to come!



  • But at this point, a burly knight-guy is inevitable for OMD!U, and I think there is no better way to do that then a full-plated, thunder-wielding, battle-crying, battle-brother.
    It's a great hero idea. But as you have said a burly knight guy is inevitable. Just check out this old hero, who's hopefully coming back.
    Sir Winston
  • But at this point, a burly knight-guy is inevitable for OMD!U, and I think there is no better way to do that then a full-plated, thunder-wielding, battle-crying, battle-brother.
    It's a great hero idea. But as you have said a burly knight guy is inevitable. Just check out this old hero, who's hopefully coming back.
    Sir Winston
    Very interesting...I did not play the beta, so I did not know about Sir Winston. However, if I had to choose between the two, I'd of course prefer someone still on the side of good.
    Be great to see both characters, though.
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    My character description would not be as informative as your guys, but i still want to say that this game need NECROMANCER.
    Oziel is soul harvester and now we need necromancer.He should look terrifying like Gul'Dan from WoW (and ye he should be Orc).
    Passive something like: every 10~30 killed minion allows him to control 1 more resurrected undead.
    I do not know in which order they should be, but here are the skills:
    1.Resurrection/Summon Undead - resurrect corpses of fallen enemy as Skeleton (or zombie version of that enemy) skeleton has same stats as dead enemy and will follow Gul'Dan untill his death or explosion (another ability).At level 1 he can summon up to 2~3 undead.
    2.Explosion of skeleton - Gul'Dan explodes all/targeted undead dealing poison( new type of damage )/arcane damage.This damage is % max health or it gets stronger for each slain enemy near Gul'Dan.
    3.Left Click - he has slow AA, but it deal DoT of Poison/Arcane
    Right Click - He curses enemy marking him as a target for his undead army, which also applies slow/defence reduction/DoT what Devs see fit :)
    4.Support ability if he every sees light :D - he sacrifices his health to amplify strength of his Army or Aura that consumes fallen enemies and restores portion of Gul'Dan health and manna, might be flat number or % of his max stats.
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  • @Neron189 A hero version of Lyzander?
  • yobbobear said:
    @Neron189 A hero version of Lyzander?
    Just looked who is Lyzander, it only says he is resurrector, have no idea what he does :P.Maybe ye hero version of him.
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    I thought up a Kobold King character, then found out shortly after making him there always was one in the beta! lol. Anyway, here's my take on remaking him.

    Gnibble The Kobold King

    Appearance: Pretty much the Kobold King from the beta, but he has a boom barrel attached to his back over his cape.

    Description: Gnibble is a small, wiry target and far more of a threat than his unassuming stature may imply. Using his shrill calls and painful homemade scourge to draw attention from his foes, he lures in hordes of enemies and decimates their ranks with the high-yield explosives on his back! Kingly benefits and the kobold's new-found fertility also grants him a steady supply of pups to assist him in battle.

    Base HP: 235 + 10
    Base Mana: 100 + 5

    Left Click: "Harass". Gnibble's primary attack, he flogs enemies with his whip. It deals low damage, but has a wide range, fast attack rate, and draws aggro exceptionally well.

    Right Click: "Gnibble And Gnaw". When holding down right click, Gnibble latches onto a minion and attempts to eat their face. Whilst eating a face, Gnibble deals heavy DPS and restores health at the cost of a mana drain. Drains 10 mana per second, and he detaches once down to 1/10th of his mana. If an enemy is killed via GNG, Gnibble gains 10% of his mana and will automatically latch onto the nearest living enemy. Cooldown after detaching: 10 seconds

    E: "Blaze Of Glory". Gnibble lights the explosive on his back, losing 35% of his health in exchange for dealing heavy damage in a wide radius. It is possible to die from this. Costs no mana. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

    Q: "Family Fun!". Gnibble summons 10 of his pups to distract and aggravate enemies. They're swift and prioritize runners, and are able to provoke normally "pacifistic" enemies. They deal little damage, however. Costs 30 mana. Cooldown: 25 seconds.

    L-Shift: "Digga A Tunna!". Like Dobbin, Gnibble can dig an underground tunnel. Gnibble's ability differs in that he is the only one who can use the tunnels, but he is capable of making a total of 4 on the field and can move between any of them. No cooldown.

    Passive: "Slippery Little Bugger": As Gnibble's health lowers, he gains a increasing chance to completely evade damage. Starting at a 0% chance at max health and scaling up to a 70% chance at 30% health.

    Tier 1 Upgrades;

    Scavver: Gnibble has a 5% chance of stealing 50 coin with his primary attack, and doubles the drop rate of potions/unchained boosters from enemies he kills.

    Take Out: When Gnibble kills an enemy via Gnibble and Gnaw, he regenerates 100% of his max health over 10 seconds.

    Feel The Magic: The cooldown speed of family fun doubles when near a rift/rift shard, and the ability will reset fully upon collecting a mana potion.

    Tier 2 Upgrades;

    Dirty Rat: Gnibble now carries a myriad of diseases. Whenever an enemy strikes Gnibble, they will become diseased. Losing 3% of their HP and suffering 25% reduced movement speed for 10 seconds. Gnibble also has a 15% chance of diseasing enemies with his primary attack.

    Warrens: Burrows dug by gnibble will spawn a pup every 7 seconds during battle, abilities affecting Family Fun also effect the pups.

    Asbestos Cape: Blaze Of Glory now only takes 20% of Gnibble's health when used.

    Tier 3 Upgrades;

    Enhanced Virility: Family Fun now spawns 15 pups with 25 extra HP apeice, and if Warrens was picked earlier pups spawn every 4.5 seconds instead of 7.

    Cluster Barrel:Blaze Of Glory now generates four cluster bombs that spread from Gnibble after the initial explosion, dealing 25% of BOGs damage apeice.

    Slick And Savage: Gnibble's passive ability now scales up to an 80% chance to evade at 20% health, and his movement speed is increased by 15%. Enemies that miss are counter-attacked for Gnibble's primary attack damage, and can get diseased if Dirty Rat was taken earlier.

    Tier 4 Upgrades;

    Dad Of The Year: Pups will now spawn strapped with little boom barrels, which explode for 60% of Blaze Of Glory's damage when they're killed. If Cluster Barrel was taken earlier, they also generate tiny cluster bombs dealing 15% of BOGs damage apeice.

    Overture: After using Blaze Of Glory, Gnibble is set on fire. His attack damage is boosted by 2.5x for 10 seconds, and he loses 1% of his health per second during the buff. If Gnibble dies via Blaze Of Glory, the size and damage of the explosion is doubled.

    Vicious Streak A Mile Wide: Gnibble and Gnaw registers damage at twice the rate for the same mana cost. Killing an enemy with G&G adds a stack of Vicious Streak, and will restore an extra 5% of Gnibble's mana. Vicious streak boosts Gnibble's attack damage by 25%, and stacks up to 5 times. The stacks will decay at 1 per 4 seconds whenever G&G is not in use.

    Surprised we don't have a Necromancer or a troll character yet, so I thought up this guy!

    Noodge The Necromancer

    Appearance: A Large character around Stinkeye's height, but with a slunched over gait. Noodge is a swamp troll and has rough, green skin and a distinct crook in his nose along with a pronounced underbite. He wears dark tattered cloths along with bits of steel plate protecting his chest, groin, and joints, along with a helmet underneath his hood. He wields a rough, halberd-like axe made of bone.

    Description: Noodge is small for a troll, and took more interest in studying magic than romping the swamps with his burlier peers. Due to having no magical affinity and therefore no mana, Noodge delved into the dark arts of necromancy to slake his interests. Using his own life force to power his spells, Noodge wreaks havoc on the battlefield by rousing the dead and using his cursed Poleaxe to ravage his foes!

    Alliance: The Unchained

    Base HP: 620 + 70
    Base Mana: N/A

    Left Click: "Fuel The Fear". Noodge swings his cursed poleaxe, damaging enemies in a fairly wide arc and recovering 10% of the damage dealt as health. Damage and swing speed is average.

    Right Click: "Instant Minions": Noodge causes an enemy minion's flesh to melt, leaving a skeleton that will serve him until death. The skeleton's health and damage will mirror the minions killed and they will prioritize enemies of their own size. 6 second cooldown, health costs differ depending on the minion killed. (Runner = 2%, Light = 5%, Medium = 7.5%, Heavy = 10%, Large = 20%) Cap is 9 undead minions. New minions summoned will replace the weakest/an equal minion if the cap has been reached.

    E: "Rise From Your Grave": Noodge summons a deadly red-clad bladestaff wielding undead hero to assist him. Costs 50% of his max health. . The hero basically functions as a friendly AI Pride Assassin merc, but targets nobody in particular. Only one hero can be on the field at once. 35 second cooldown

    Q: "Grotesqe Transfusion": Noodge sacrifices his health to heal his undead minions and ally heroes on the field. Functions similarly to Oziel's essence siphon. Noodge loses 1% of his HP per second to restore 3% of his allies health per second, per ally. This can kill Noodge very quickly with max summons and two allies if you aren't careful.

    L-Shift: "Dark Ressurection": If an ally dies, Noodge can instantly bring them back to the same spot they were killed at full health and mana. Costs 70% of his health and affects the closest dead ally to Noodge. 60 second cooldown.

    Passive: "Troll Blood": Noodge regenerates 2.5% of his health per second when not taking damage.

    Tier 1 Upgrades;

    I Know A Shortcut: Eliminates the cost of quickly respawning and returns Noodge to the spot he died, but he returns with only 10% of his health if it is used. 30 second cooldown.

    Recycled Bones: When one of Noodge's minions is killed, they transform into a spiny bone plating that adds a 30% boost to Noodges max health. While Noodge keeps his health above this threshold, enemies will take damage equal to 50% of the damage they deal. The effect ends if it dips down below the threshold.

    Vampiric Minions: Noodge's minions now recover health proportionate(20% damage dealt) to the damage they deal. Excess health gained is transferred to Noodge.

    Tier 2 Upgrades;

    Bone Plague: Whenever Noodge's minions score a kill of equal or greater size, a new minion is produced at no cost to Noodge. If the minion cap has been reached, the minion that makes the kill dies.

    Embalmed Ligaments: Undead minions have 25% extra health and damage, and 15% extra attack and movement speed.

    Trollish Instinct: Noodge now regenerates 3.5% of his health per second and moves 20% faster, and has 20% increased primary attack speed.

    Tier 3 Upgrades;

    Out With A Bang: Whenever Noodge or his allies/minions die, they explode into a violent shower of gibs/bone shards that damage and knock enemies off their feet. Damage is equal to the explodee's max health. (Hogarth: HIMS EXPLODE BEST!)

    Efficient Transfusion: Noodge now only sacrifices 0.5% of his health per second when healing allies and summons, and their heal rate is increased to 4% per second.

    Otherworldly Vigor: Freshly spawned allies and minions are immune to damage and ignore shields, armor, and damage reduction effects for 7 seconds, this applies to Noodge.

    Tier 4 Upgrades;

    Unchained By Death: Noodge and allies revive unchained for 8 seconds, this will not take away any saved up unchained meters.

    Rise From Your Grave Too: Noodge can summon up to two undead heroes to serve him. The second hero has tattered blue outfit and wields a dwarven warhammer. When in close proximity to Noodge, the heroes gain a 35% boost to attack and damage reduction.

    Blight The Earth: When minions rise, the ground(Around a brimstone traps radius) becomes tainted for 10 seconds. Enemies take rapid  (5% max health per second) damage when walking on tainted ground and will rise as a skeleton if killed while "tainted". If the minion cap has been reached, they explode violently in a manner similar to "Out With A Bang".

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  • Lots of cool ideas, keep'em coming boyz !

    More heroes to smash for me and ma'boyz !
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  • Added a new character to my post, Noodge The Necromancer. Figured he'd cover two niches we don't have yet; a troll and a necromancer character. (Oziel doesn't count imo)
  • Hey Guys,

    what i read sounds good.

    But i hope new Heros come soon, so it make farming/gaming for longer time more intressted.

    All 1-2 month a new Hero wos perfekt to hold Gamers aktiv, to have some stability for the community.

    Good Luck

    (sorry my bad english..i'm bavarian)  ;)


    Christian F. 

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