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Net's Guide to understanding unknown stuff


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Greetings everyone, I'd like to post up some info and questions that are kinda not show anywhere but should be if you want to play the game properly.

Please add if you think you know better.


QUESTION OF THE DAY: HOW MUCH MORE DAMAGE DO YOU GET PER ACCOUNT RANK? It seems that with smolder I get stuck at 124 damage at level 1… no matter how many account ranks I get, where does it top?



Table of Content

General Info

Heroes and what they do

Proper Combo Generation

Combo Generation for Traps

Combo Generation for Heroes

Proper Trap Building

Siege Concept

Siege PVP

Leveling During a Map

Character Ranks

Account Ranks

Daily Mission






General Info


Health/mana regen:

Use the rift's regeneration capacity for a quick health/mana restore, it’s much faster than standing next to a guardian or standing next to... nothing. (Don't tell Maximilian, he's standing there alone thinking the sun recharges him)

Use Vegetable of Mending (health regen) and Mages Clover (mana regen) to stack regeneration with Guardians and rifts.

Mages Picnic works also but not recommended early on as its main effect is for group, so using this item solo is not efficient. (However if you go on a date with Smolder or Gabriella, then their awesome)

The Mana Pool and Healing Well only needs to be tapped to begin a recharge, you don’t have to stand next to it and wait... like I used to do...


Unchained meter takes more time to fill up the more you use it, so don’t waste it.

Press Alt+k to kill yourself if you get stuck


Heroes and what they do



Damage type: Melee damage

Primary attack: Mace to Face

Deals A.O.E. in front of her dealing melee damage.

Secondary attack: Slam it Down (Cooldown 10 seconds)

Slams her flail on the floor slightly in front of her doing A.O.E. damage.

Ability 1: Bionka Bounce (Cooldown 19 seconds)

Slams the floor with her “butt” sending enemies in the air but not doing damage.

Ability 2: Beat Dem Back (Cooldown 119

Deals heavy damage in a medium range causing a huge knockback.

Ability 3: Sing an March (on/off)

Bionka sings reducing damage to minions. Channeled. If a minion dies, you take the damage.

Unique:  Orcish Field Promotion Glyph

Promotes 5 orcs that cross the glyph up to 20 times. You can place the glyph again after.

Passive: Orc Momma

She heals the more minions are near her.

How to use: There are a few ways to go with bionka based on her weaver decisions. One path is for the extra dps for survival or siege, the other is minions power up by promoting orcs with Love my Soldiers and Momma’s Friends, add Break their traps and Hurt Their Ears and you have one nasty momma orc. Her right click ability is good for escaping targets or multiple targets but not awesome, also hard to hit if enemy is too close. Use her Sing an March over traps or when guardian is doing is A.O.E. if you have the health to spare. In survival Hurt their Ears is a game changer.

Weaver Upgrades

Tier I

Love my Babies

When Sing an March is not active, Orc Momma provides 2x health regeneration. –Average-

Love my mace

Dealing damage to an enemy with Slam it Down reduces the cooldown of Beat Dem Back by 5 seconds. –Survival-

Love my Soldiers

Adds 3 promotions to Orchish Field Promotion Glyph per wave, and +12 max promotions before cooldown. –Siege all around-

Tier II

Momma’s Friends

Allows Bionka to place 1 additional Orcish Field Promotion Glyph. –Siege-

Momma’s Family

Reduces the mana cost of Sing an March by 33% -Siege-

Momma’s Home

When attacking a barrier, Beat Dem Back deals 35% of the barrier’s max health as bonus damage. –meh, kinda average compared to others-

Tier III

Break Their Twaps

Bounce disables traps. –Siege attack-

Break their Knees

Bounces slows enemies by 40% for 1.5 seconds. –Siege pillaging-

Break their Backs

Bounces deals damage with knock up. –Survival, Siege defender-

Tier IV

Hurt their Ears

Sing an March deals damage to enemies in its area. –Good all around-

Hurt their Feet

Slam it Down leaves a crater that slows enemies by 40%. –Average-

Hurt no More

Grants 40% shield of Bionka’s max hp when below 10% for 5 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown. –Average-


Damage type: Physical

Primary attack: Slashing Claws

Your bread and butter until Go for the Throat resets. It does an aoe in front of you and also heals you.

Secondary attack: Wound the Prey (cooldown 14 seconds)

Puts a debuff that does nothing minimal damage by itself, last for about 5 seconds. It basically increases the damage you do around, 10% for 1 sec, 15% after 2 secs, 29% after 3 secs… so basically you would go Wound the Prey, Slashing Claws 4-5 times, Go for the Throat to get max damage. This is a single target ability.

Ability 1: Call to the Beyond (119 seconds)

Calls forth two undead gnolls but the timer on this ability is high, which makes it inefficient.

Ability 2: Go for the Throat (cooldown 14 seconds)

Takes a huge bite out of crime that does damage and heals you, good to combine with Wound the Prey. This is a single target ability.

Unique:  Glyph of Blood

Damage boost

Passive: Pounces by double jumping. If you aim at a 45 degree angle up you will get further. Excellent to get somewhere fast or to catch a running opponent. They work also with speed traps.

How to use: Use pounce to get somewhere, apply wound the prey, hit 4-5 times, go for the throat, use call to the beyond if your heavily outnumbered if available, repeat.

Single Target dps

Straight combo, use Wound the Prey, Slashing Claws five times, Go for the Throat. You can add Go for the Throat at the beginning and wait two seconds also for a bigger combo.

Group dps

When fighting a group, use Slashing Claws and get as many minions as you can get. Use Go for the Throat and Wound the Prey on big minions separately.

Weaver Upgrades

Tier I

Kindred Surge

 -20% damage taken by nearby hunter minions (For attackers with Gnolls/pride/Call to the Beyond undead hunters) -Works best as attacker-


Regenerate +0.8% max health/sec. -Works all around-


+35% damage against enemy guardians. -Works best as attacker-

Tier II


Reduces Go for the Throat’s cooldown by 3.5s. -Works best all around-


-35% duration of control effects cast on the hero. -Good but Hungry is a must-


+40 max mana. -Good but hungry is a must-

Tier III

Cull the Outsiders

+10% damage against ranged heroes. -Jumpy wolf is better to reach ranged heroes-

Force of Will

+35% healing from Go for the Throat. -Works best for Survival-

Jumpy Wolf

-10 mana cost for Pounce. -Great for sieges-

Tier IV

Vengeful Tide

Adds up to 35% bonus damage while at low health. -Seems fun but when your low health you usually don’t keep fighing, you pounce out of there-

Take what is owed

Adds +15% lifesteal to primary attack. -Works best all around-

Vindicator’s Will

Summons +1 Undead Gnoll with Call to the Beyond. -Good but Take what is owed gives you more survivability-



Damage type: Physical

Primary attack: Brutal Axe

Does a cleave in front of him hitting multiple targets. Each target hit reduces Maiming Blow by 5 seconds.

Secondary attack: Bloodbath (cooldown 3 seconds)

Does a cleave in front of him hitting multiple targets. Each target hit gives you one Thirsty for Blood, increasing damage up to 10 stack.

Ability 1: Stunning Execution (cooldown 14 seconds)

Execute a minion doing an A.O.E. stun around it and giving a delicious meal which heals Bloodspike.

Ability 2: Maiming Blow (cooldown 239 seconds)

Swings both axes dealing damage to heroes. Low hp heroes receive high damage and a small slow, high hp heroes receive little damage but a heavier slow.

Ability 3: Inspiring Frenzy (cooldown 33 seconds)

A battle cry increasing damage (only on tier 4 and adds , speed and hp (15%) to Bloodspike and his minions. Minions gain more of an increase.

Unique: Glyph of Physical Armour

Increases physical resistance.

Passive: Bloodhungry

Bloodspike’s abilities that kill minions have a change to drop Delicious Meals.

How to use: You must use his Bloodbath to power him up, get the Delicious Meals when they drop, use Stunning execution to heal yourself or to gain more maximum HP if you took the +4 hp weaver upgrade, and use Maiming Blow on heroes. He is just focused on Siege attack but very viable in survival due to the increase damage he does with his A.O.E. Brutal Axe. The rotation for Thirsty for Blood is 1 Brutal Axe, 1 Bloodbath, 4 Brutal Axes 1 Bloodbath, repeat last part…

Weaver Upgrades

Tier I

Rise to the Challenge

Guardians give 3 Bloodbath stacks on hit. –Good for Siege offence-

Finer Dining

+50% drop rate for Delicious Meals. –Good if you’re going with Fortified Meals-

Blood in their Eyes

Increases the duration of Stunning Execution by 1 second. –Average-

Tier II

Pulled Punches

-50% damage dealth to friendly minions. –Average-

Fortified Meals

Delicious Meals give +4 hp permanent for the siege in progress. -Good with Finer Dining-

Sustained Frenzy

+50% duration to Inspiring Frenzy. –Good in survival or going damage on offence in siege-

Tier III

Blood-Soaked Armour

Adds 2 physical and magical armor for each stack of Bloodbath. –Good if you were doing Fortified Meals-

Energy Snack

Adds a 20% speed increase for 3 seconds when you get a Delicious Meal. –Average-

Unquenchable Bloodthirst

+40% max Bloodbath stacks. –Good for full damage siege offence and survival-

Tier IV

Shocking Execution

Adds lightning damage to enemies within the stun area of effect of Stunning Execution. –Average since you don’t face minions on Siege offence and most heroes are ranged-

Serrated Edges

Adds 10 DoT bleed to Brutal Axe during Inspiring Frenzy. –Good for survival or siege offence damage focus-

Devastating Assault

Killing an enemy hero with Maiming Blow cancels its cooldown. –Good in siege vs multiple heroes, so not very good at all…-



 Damage type: Lightning elemental

Primary attack: Voltaic Charge

Shoots a lightning bolt that cost’s mana but not much. Use against single targets.

Secondary attack: Chain Lightning (cooldown 4 seconds)

Get up to tree minions, good for groups of enemies or when you need an instant shot where the Voltaic Charge won’t reach. Use while jumping to avoid being stuck on the ground for half a sec.

Ability 1: Feign Death (cooldown 60 seconds)

Life saver ability, use when you’re going to die or to allow an enemy swarm to go by if you want to hit them from behind.

Ability 2: Rift Shard (cooldown 30 seconds)

Your main regen source, it also does damage to 2 targets when near minions or heals/mana regen. It is casted by a two to three second charge and can be interrupted. Use corners to cast if you want to use offensively or cast before minions can interrupt. Also use to regenerate near cache boxes since you can destroy them or almost destroy them while you regenerate. I saw almost since you don’t want to leave your rift but you also don’t want the enemy to get the caches content.

Unique: Buff Pylon Trap

Increases damage output of nearby traps. If you select the weaver that goes with it, another 20% damage is done if you use chain lightning on it and your chain lightning is also increased. Just shoot it once and it will increase damage for about 6 seconds, but might be more. Can be destroyed.


Passive: Rift Lord

Reduce’s damage based on mana level. Increased damage near rifts.

How to use: Start Chain Lightning then seven Voltaic Charges, Chain lightning again, Rift Shard. If enemies are still far while you put up Rift Shard, weaken the back rows and let Rift Shard kill the few coming in. Retreat to the next Buff Pylon, repeat.


 Weaver Upgrades

Tier I

Feign Recovery

Reduces Feign Death cooldown by 15s. -It’s okay but not great, I use it often but Sneaky Old Fart is better-

Conductive Materials

Increases Buff Pylon’s damage buff by 20% when the pylon is hit by Chain Lightning. -Good for survival and siege defending-

Sneaky Old Fart

-25% to the duration of control effects cast on Cygnus. -Good for siege pillager or attacker-

Tier II

Paternal instinct

+20% to the duration of Rift Shards. -Might be good in survival but Elderly Urging is way more effective-

Elderly Urging

+33% summon speed increase to Rift Shard. -Best all around-


Allies can use rift shards to teleport back to the rift. -Never seen anybody use this so far…-

Tier III

Price of Power

+50 to max mana but -5% to max health. -Best all around-

Dead Useful

Allows allies to use the rift to teleport to Cygnus during Feign Death. -Never seen anybody use this so far…-


+15% damage to boss minions and large minions. -Good for survival or siege defender-

Tier IV

Get off the Lawn

Adds 2 targets to Chain Lightning when Rift Lord is active. -Good for survival-

Young at Heart

Cygnus is no longer affected by the Old man debuff. -Best in siege for every class type since there is a lot of incoming damage-

Rift Mastery

Rifts and Rift shards shoot lightning at 2 additional minions. -Good for survival but buffing the rift isn’t as good as Get off the Lawn-


Damage type: Physical

Primary attack: Shovel Swat

Does an A.O.E. damage in front of Dobbin.

Secondary attack: Dust Devil (cooldown 14 seconds)

Adds a slow and +20% damage increase on physical damage from heroes and traps.

Ability 1: Mineshaft Shortcut (cooldown 5 seconds)

Creates a tunnel that transport you to the other shaft.

Ability 2: Spare Dynamite (cooldown 5 seconds)

Does A.O.E. physical damage when thrown.

Unique: Coinforge

Adds coins to kills on top of the forge.

How to use: Try to weaken enemies before they reach your coinforge, so don’t install a coinforge too early. Once on coinforge, use Dirt Devil, smack with primary attack, once a group stacks on you, use Spare Dynamite, retreat to the next coinforge once enough enemies run through, repeat.

Weaver Upgrades

Tier I

Tough Cookie

+20 physical armous. –Not good enough-


+3/s coin. –Good for survivor or siege coop-


+12% damage to minions. –Good in survival and siege coop-

Tier II

Demon Dust

+25% to Dust Devil’s slow debuff. –Good but Sparky is better-


Reduces Spare Dynamite’s cooldown by -1.5s. –Good all around-

Fancy Footwork

-35% to the duration of control effects cast on hero. –Good on pvp-

Tier III

Armour of Rocks

Grants a temporary 150HP shield to allies using Minesharf Shortcut. –Good for pvp if you put them close to each other-

Strike it Rich!

+8000 coin (one time use). –Good for siege-


-10 to the mana cost of Spare Dynamite. –Great all around-

Tier IV

Trap Affinity

Regenarate +2%/s max health near allied traps. –Average-

Shrapnel Storm

+20/s damage to Dust Devil. –Average-

Kick’em in the Knees!

+30% damage to large minions. –Good in survival-


Damage type: Arcane Elemental

Primary attack: Thorn of Arcana

Fires rapid bolts of arcane magic but blooms if you shoot too much.

Secondary attack: Kinetic Pulse (cooldown 24 seconds)

Fires a blast of kinetic energy and instantly activates all traps in a large area in front of her, also dealing damage.

Ability 1: Blink (cooldown 10 seconds)

Teleport backwards. Removes crowd control. Enemies near her are immobilised but can still use abilities.

Ability 2: Devious Allure (cooldown 24 seconds)

Stops nearby enemies, putting them in a trance. Taking damage snaps them out of it. Duration is shorter on heroes.

Unique: Summoner Trap

Calls a ghostly summoned retainer to fight. Resets after about one minute.

How to use: She relies much on her primary attack, use Kinetic Pulse in front of long recharge traps to recharge them instantly. Her unique are good to have near those also as it resets them too. You can use Devious Allure to split a swarm of minion in two allowing for the traps to reset also. She gains a bonus from arcane traps so using those and wall chargers and Shock Zapper with your special trap seems like the way to go.

When fighting heroes, try to stay in their retreat path (assuming you’re going to win the fight) and when they start retreating use blink to root them. Use Devious allure also, run ahead of where they’re going first then reengage. You can use Kinetic Pulse on heroes for that extra damage.

Weaver Upgrades

Tier I

Effortless Blink

-30% mana cost for Blink. -Average for anything-

Fancy Perfume

+0.75s for Devious Allure. –Average for anything-

Improved Summoning

+25% max health to summoned retainers.

Tier II

Spirit Shield

Shields summoned retainers from ranged attacks when not in combat. –Good for pvp-

Want Polish

+10% to primary attack speed. –Good for siege against heroes-

Extra Commandments

Reduces the cooldown of Kinetic Pulse by 7s. –Good for survival and siege defenders-

Tier III

Word of Power

+50% damage to Kinetic Pulse. –Good all around-

Mana Siphon

Grants +1 mana on hit with primary attack. –Average-

Old Habits

Increases the duration of Devious Allure by 5s on minions. –Average-

Tier IV

Slippery Witch

Blink a second time at no mana cost withing 3 seconds of Blink. –Good for pvp-

Power from Control

+2.5% primary damage for each mesmerised minion. –Good for survival-

Seize the Gears

Kinetic Pulse disables enemy traps for 6s. –Good for siege offence-



Damage type: Ice Elemental

Primary attack: Swing!

Does an A.O.E. attack in front of him. It puts 100% of its damage on a single target or splits its damage on multiple targets.

Secondary attack: Catch! (cooldown 8 seconds)

Throws his axe chilling targets and doing damage. Must be used far or does less damage.

Ability 1: Shield! (cooldown 25 seconds)

Shield from damage for a short time.

Ability 2: Ambush! (cooldown 14 seconds)

Hogarth jumps about three traps distance in front of him and does an A.O.E. and freezes targets.


Unique: Glyph o9f Magic Armour

Protects your siege minions against elemental damage.

Passive: Mana!

Regains mana when he attacks stunned or slowed hero.

How to use: Hogarth is not a great survival hero. Use your Catch on far strong minions then jump into the fray with Ambush!. Try to stick close to active traps and keep minions there while you swipe with your primary attack. Use the Shield Ability to reduce damage if necessary. You can also use Ambush by jumping on a wall to get you’re A.O.E. off on minions. In pvp try to use others to do the damage as you tank the hero. Use catch when they retreat then jump in on them.

Weaver Upgrades

Tier I

Helping Minions!

Extends Shield! Damage reduction to allied minions. –Good for siege attack-

Helping Friends!

Extends Shield! Damage reduction to allied heroes. –Good for pvp-

Helping Hims!

+100% damage reduction to Shield. –Good for survival-

Tier II

More Suprises!

Reduces the cooldown of Ambush! By 5 seconds. –Good for Survival-

Magic Loincloth!

+20 magic armour. –Average-

Stay Put!

+20% to the duration of Hogarth’s control effects. –Good for pvp-


Tier III


+12% maximum health. –Good for pvp-


-35% control effect duration on Hogarth. –Good for pillager or attacker siege-


Reduces cooldown of Catch! By 3 seconds. –Good for survival-

Tier IV

 More Axes!

Adds 2 axes to Catch!. –Good for survival-

More Blue!

+100% mana regen. –Average-

All the Feels!

+5/seconds health regeneration when out of combat. –Good for sieges-

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    Damage type: Physical

    Primary attack: Ilyian Longbow

    Deals ranged physical damage to single targets, blooms if you shoot too much so try to use your abilities in between to give it a rest.

    Secondary attack: Penetrating Arrow (Cooldown: 5 seconds)

    Deal heavy damage and A.O.E. in a straight line hitting as many targets as possible. This is Ivy’s main damage dealing attack. Must hit a target or does not damage.

    Ability 1: Life Current (Cooldown: 24 seconds)

    Heals Ivy, minions and heroes around Ivy. Good to use after minions walk out of a killbox.

    Ability 2: Reach of Root (Cooldown: 44 seconds)

    Roots enemies but they can still use their abilities. Good for escaping heroes or to slow a swarm of minions for a Penetrating Arrow attack.

    Unique: Glyph of Healing

    Heals minions that cross it.

    Passive: Elven Swiftboots

    When low on health, Ivy moves extremely fast. Good to escape.

    How to use: Ivy is pretty simple, in survivor use Penetrating Arrow as often as possible. Try to shoot in the middle of the wave and let the traps and her Ilyian longbow attack finish off the first minions. Use Penetrating Attack on huge minions. In siege, she is favored as an attacker, so use Life Current when minions exit traps on in the traps if you feel their going to die and try to stand in the middle of the wave. As always, challenge heroes first with primary attack and secondary, when they retreat, use Reach of Root and secondary to finish them off.

    Weaver Upgrades

    Tier I


    +11% primary attack damage. –Good for survivor or Siege defender or pillager-


    +10% movement speed. –Good for pvp-


    Reduces the cooldown of Life Current by 4 seconds. –Good for siege offence-


    Tier II

    Nature’s Ire

    Adds 20% armour reduction to enemies caught by Reach of Roots. –Good for Survival-


    Grands Penetrating Arrow the ability to disable enemy traps. –Good for Siege offence-

    Arrows of Love

    Penetrating Arrow heals allies in its path. –Average-

    Tier III

    Rapid Fire

    Reduces the cooldown of Penetrating Arrow by 2 seconds. –Good in survival or Siege defender-

    Earthen Affinity

    Reduces the cooldown of Reach of Roots by 10 seconds.  –Good for siege-


    +50% to Glyph of Healing’s regeneration. –Good for Siege attacker-

    Tier IV

     Nature’s Wrath

    +40/s damage to Reach of Roots –Survival or siege defender-


    -15 mana to Penetrating Arrow. –Good for Survival or Siege all around-

    Warden’s Blessing

    +20% to healing effects cast by hero. –Good for Siege-



    Damage type: Lightning elemental

    Primary attack: Shock Bolt

    Fires lightning-charged crossbow bolts that deal about 30% A.O.E. damage when killing a minion.

    Secondary attack: Absolutely Stunning Bolt (cooldown 12 seconds)

    A.O.E. stun for two seconds.

    Ability 1: Can’t Touch This (cooldown 16 seconds)

    Creates a three second shield that reduces damage and return damage dealt.

    Ability 2: In your Faces (cooldown 15 seconds)

    Fires a powerful shot dealing massive damage to the target it hits and A.O.E. damage to nearby targets.

    Passive: Close Enough

    Reduces price of traps.

    Unique: Sturdy Decoy

    Places a Maximillian decoy that minions attack.

    How to use: Use the stun to setup the In your face ability. Use your shield when getting damaged but hurry, it doesn’t last long. 

    Weaver Upgrades

    Tier I


    +40 mana. –Not that usefull-

    Extra Famous

    +3/s coin. –Good if your often short on money-


    +5% movement speed. –Best option-

    Tier II


    -25 mana cost for In Your Face. –Best option-

    Right where I want you

    +20% to hero’s control effects. –Only good for Stun, not very usefull-

    Chiseled Abs

    -25% cooldown to Can’t Touch This. –Not great-

    Tier III

    Done this Before

    +14% primary attack damage. –Best option-

    Baby I’m a Firework!

    Decoy’s explode and you gain your 10 decoy’s back one time. –Not a good option-

    Spiffy Cravat

    Increases duration of Can’t Touch This by 1s. –Not a good option-

    Tier IV


    30% of primary attack damage chains to one additional target. –Great for survival or defender-


    Adds 5s slow debuff to In your face A.O.E. and reduces cooldown by 2s. –Good for siege-

    Friends like These

    Extends Can’t Touch This shield to nearby allies. –Might be an option if you play more defensively-



    Damage type: Physical

    Primary attack: Shadow Swipe

    Fast attack dealing extra damage to immobolised, slowed, or stunned enemies. Damage is 100% on first target, then 50% on others and so on. So damage would go 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 for all targets.

    Secondary attack: Vital Strike (cooldown 9 seconds)

    Deals 20% of the targets maximum health.

    Ability 1: Hunter’s Snare (cooldown

    Sets a snare that stuns heroes. Snare turns invisible after a few seconds. 3 can be active.

    Ability 2: Prowl (cooldown 8 seconds) (increased damage for 3 seconds)

    When out of combat, turns invisible and reduces speed. Deal extra damage once canceled. Cost mana while active.

    Unique: Glyph of Speed

    Increase movement speed for minions.

    Passive: Thrill of the Hunt (last about 5 seconds)

    Movement speed increased after killing an enemy.

    How to use: Midnight is a pretty simple hero. She is good in all areas but a bit better against other heroes. Use her main attack on everything, secondary attack on heroes or large minions, even cache boxes early on. Use prowl when you see an opponent from a corner. Mana is no consideration since prowl is the only thing using mana on her. Set your taps on the escape routes of heroes.

    Weaver Upgrades

    Tier I


    +5% movement speed. –Best overall-

    Hard to Kill

    +8% health regen. –Average-


    +25% damage to gates and guardians. –Siege attacker mostly-

    Tier II

    Shadow Lover

    -30% penalty to Prowl. –Good if you have problems getting close to heroes but Shade Cloak preferred unless you have many physical damage against you-

    Shade Cloak

    +25 magic armour. –Good against heroes-


    -2/ seconds sustained mana cost of Prowl. –Prowl is her only ability using mana…-

    Tier III


    Reduces the cooldown of Hunter’s Snare by 7 seconds. –Good in sieges-

    Skirt the Edges

    +10% movement speed when out of combat. –Good in survival-


    -35% on crowd control against you. –Good but Hunter is better-

    Tier IV


    +15% damage to isolated heroes. –Good in siege but siege pvp might require Resurgence-


    +100 health/mana on kills or assist of heroes. –Seems best overall, it puts you back in the fight faster-

    Silent Chaos

    Allows Midnight to disable traps while invisible. –Good in siege attack with Vandal from Tier I-



    Damage type: Elemental

    Primary attack: Vampiric Slash

    Instant ranged attack that heals you.

    Secondary attack: Wraith Surge

    Heavy mana usage for max damage on single target. Causes a buff up to three times that does more damage but uses more mana with each buff. The buff last about six seconds and the shot travels so you need to time your shot, its not an instant shot like Vampiric Slash. So you would typically use it on a large minion or hero and go Wraith Surge, three Vampiric Slashes or three seconds of Essence Siphon, repeat.

    Ability 1: Desecrated Ground

    Ground A.O.E. for about seven seconds that slows also.

    Ability 2: Haunting Spirits

    Anti-hero skill. Slow seeking to heroes nearby up to three times, when debuff is applied, you need to hit the hero for the damage to apply. If multiple heroes are in the close area, they will each grab one so tap them all for maximum damage.

    Ability 3: Essence Siphon

    Sacrifices life for mana. Very good to combine with Vampiric Slash.

    Unique: Glyph of Magic Armour

    Increase minions magic armor.

    Passive: Soul Harvest

    Nearby death of your own minion or attacking ones, or anything that lives (or exists) gives you 1 soul and heroes give you 20. This increases his mana pool give Vampiric Slash more health per hit.

    How to use: He stacks the death of minions (worth one stack each) and heroes (worth 20) as extra permanent mana. Use Desecrated Ground or groups, Wraith Surge on bosses or heroes, replenish with Essence Siphon, heal with Vampiric Slash.

    Weaver Upgrades

    Tier I

    Extra Vampy

    Adds 10% lifesteal to primary attack. –Good in sieges-


    Deaths on Desecrated Ground guarantee stacks for Soul Harvest regardless of location. –Survival but Urgency is better-


    -25% cooldown duration for Desecrated Ground. –Best for survival-

    Tier II

    Jagged Shards

    +80 damage on jar impact on Desecrated Ground. –Best for survival-

    Controlled Rituals

    +50% mana generation for Essence Siphon. –Good for sieges-

    Posthumous Servitude

    Adds 1 summoned spirit to Haunting Spirits. –Good if you’re having hero problems-


    Tier III

    Eternal Machine

    At full health, health gained from primary attacks is added to the next primary attack as damage. –Good if you picked Extra Vampy on Tier I but reaper is better-


    Adds 1 soul stack for Soul Harvest with each death. –Must have-

    Profane Healing

    Soul stealing deals a small area of effect burst of healing. Healing is based on max mana. –Consider Reaper-

    Tier IV

    Unholy Mire

    +40% to Slow debuff on Haunted Heroes. –Siege pvp-

    Diabolic Efficiency

    -25% mana cost for subsequent uses of Wraith Surge. –Good for survival-

    Vexing Surge

    When Wraith Surge strikes a hero, Haunting Spirit’s cooldown is reduced by 10s. –Good for siege coop or pvp- 


    Damage type: Fire Elemental

    Primary attack: Fireball

    Slow moving attack with a small very small dot

    Secondary attack: Dragon's Breath

    Frontal AOE with an equal D.O.T. that lasts about five seconds. Use it then use Incinerate, if Incinerate is not available, use Fireball about five times. Use continuously if a group of minions is in the target area.

    Ability 1: Heart of Flame

    15% movement increase, circle A.O.E. dealing a small D.O.T. Good to use as a boost but does cost mana.

    Ability 2: Incinerate

    Deals a good amount of damage. Use Dragon ‘s Breath on a group then Incinerate. Also good against single targets since it does a % of damage, so very effective against bosses.

    Unique: Naphtha Sprayer

    Increases fire damage from traps and hero by 20%.

    Passive: From the Ashes

    Resurrects after death with an explosion regaining 40% health and 50% mana. Has a two minute cooldown.

    How to use: Using her Naphtha Sprayer gives you a 20% extra damage for you and your fire traps. Run into a swarm using Dragon's breath, once you reach the end, Incinerate, activate Heart of Flame to run back to the beginning of the swarm, repeat.

    Weaver Upgrades

    Tier I

    Chemical Burn

    +2 seconds Naphtha duration. -Good for survival but Feisty is better-


    +5% primary attack damage and +20% projectile speed. -Good all around-

    Fuel Reserves

    +40 mana. -Good for survival but Feisty is better-

    Tier II

    Pheonix Heart

    Reduces From the Ashes cooldown by -60s. -If you die a lot, use this-


    -3/s sustained mana cost to Dragon’s Breath. -Best all around-


    +12% maximum Health. -Good for pvp-

    Tier III


    +50% health and mana on returning From the Ashes. -If you used Phoenix Hart at Tier II, use this-

    Channelling Dragons

    +20% damage to Dragon’s Breath. -Good on survival but Passionate seems better-


    Reduces the cooldown of Incinerate by 5s. -Good all around-

    Tier IV

    Stolen Tinder

    Eliminates the mana cost of Heart of Flame. -Great to use constantly-


    Heart of Flame causes Smolder to be immune to control effects. -Good for pvp-


    Adds +35% slow debuff to Incinerate. -Good in survival but Stolen Tinder should be considered-



    Damage type: Arcane Elemental

    Primary attack: Prestidigitized Projectile

    Arcane projectile.

    Secondary attack: Arcane Anomaly

    Charge A.O.E.

    Ability 1: Totem of Tyranny

    Fire Prestidigitized Projectiles by itself or three target seeking ones if shot upon by Stinkeye.

    Ability 2: Totem of Speed

    Slows down enemies and speeds up heroes.

    Passive: Lingering Lifeblood

    Upon death, spirit lingers sending healing bolts to allies.

    Unique: Arcane Bowling Ball

    Fires an arcane orb every x seconds. Good for long halls.



    How to use: Use the totem of Tyranny when multiple enemies come, put it on the side of the incoming swarm has to not have it disappear in it, combined with  Totem of speed and Arcane Anomaly. Shooting at the Totem of Tyranny sends 3 heat seeking bolts. Use the Arcane Bowling Ball when there’s a long funnel for maximum damage, it’s very powerful.

    Against bots or people, drop both totems and use Arcane anomaly on melee. Remember that Stinkeye gets a bonus damage from arcane traps.

    Weaver Upgrades

    Tier I

    Stocky Speeder

    +35% to the Radius of Totem of Speed. –Best option all around-

    Totem Teamwork

    -10% damage taken near allied heroes or totems. –Good if you die a lot, but not recommended-

    Distant Chant

    +35% to the cast range of totems. –Not so good-


    Tier II


    Adds +10% lifesteal to Totem of Tyranny’s damage. –Good in siege-

    Nauseous Anomaly

    Adds 3s stun to Arcane Anomaly. Only applies to minions. –Good in survival-


    +20% to the slow debuff of Totem of Speed. –Good in siege-


    Tier III

    More Booms

    +33% cooldown reduction for Arcane Anomaly. –Good in survival-

    Talking Skulls

    -30% to totem placement cooldown. –Good in siege-

    Bonus Balls

    +3max number of Arcane Bowling Ball traps. –Good in survival-


    Tier IV

    Tyranny for Two

    Allows 1 additional Totem of Tyranny to be placed. –Good all around-

    Healthy Helpers

    +75% max totem health. –Good in siege-

    Need for Speeds

    Allows 1 additionnal Totem of Speed to be placed. –Good where you don’t have slow traps-



    Damage type: Ice Elemental

    Primary attack: Glacial Sweep

    Does an A.O.E. strike in front of him.

    Secondary attack: Icicle Burst

    Throws three ice shards. Good for ranged targets or single targets.

    Ability 1: Wall of Frost

    Raises an ice wall that stops enemies and lasts 5 seconds. Good to slow a progression or to stack minions or to stop an hero escape. Takes a second to raise up though. You can go across the wall to attack. Good against sappers.

    Ability 2: Flash Freeze

    Freeze enemies in a frontal line for two seconds.

    Ability 3: Avalanche

    Turns into a giant snowball doing A.O.E. damage in his path. Can be controlled. Lasts for about 6 seconds if not stop by an obstacle.

    Unique: Saw of Arctos

    Long trap that slices through enemies dealing ice damage. Good to combine with Avalanche.

    Passive: Permafrost

    Increases damage dealt by 100% to frozen minions and remains frozen longer.

    How to use: Tundra is good against minions, much less against heroes. The trick resides on his ability to deal double damage to iced targets and his Avalanche ability to destroy groups of minions.

    Weaver Upgrades

    Tier I

    Avalanche Potential

    Remove Avalanche’s time limit and reduces its cooldown by 20%. –Good vs minions-

    Brittle Ice

    +25% damage to frozen enemies. –Average-

    Permafrosty Saw

    Permafrost now affects Saw of Arctros and increases its damage by 60%. –Good if you use all 6 Saw’s of Arctos-

    Tier II

    Frosty Aura

    Slows enemies who hit Tundra  with melee by 30% for 3 seconds. Affects once every 20 seconds. –Average-


    +20% damage to avalanche. Also increases its speed and manoeuvrability. –Good vs minions-

    Chillled Weapons

    Heroes that pass through Frost wall gain 20% frost damage to their primary attack. –Average-

    Tier III

    Deep Freeze

    Increases Permafrost’s Frozen duration by 25%. –Average-

    Crushing Flow

    When Tundra emerges from Avalanche, deals 60 A.O.E. damage around him. –Good vs minions-

    Icicle Assault

    Icicle Burst fires 1 additional icicle. –Average-

    Tier IV

     Packed Powder

    +40% damage reduction during Avalanche. –Average-

    Shattering Icicles

    Causes Icicle burst to do A.O.E. damage for 50% more damage in a small radius. –Good vs minions-

    Ice Armour

    Grants allied heroes hit with Flash Freeze a shield worth 35% of their maximum health for 7 seconds. –Average-


    Damage type: Elemental multi-type

    Primary attack: Chaos Tome

    Fires ranged magic from her current school of spell. If you just changed school of spell, will fire rapidly for about three seconds.

    Secondary attack: Book Club

    Does a physical A.O.E. in front of her pushing the enemy back. Can be used to throw them outside de map for an easy one hit kill. Makes her change her school of spells also if it hits.

    Ability 1: Chaos Blast

    Does an A.O.E. in front of her, also changing her school of magic.

    Ability 2: Feebee’s Wrath

    Most definitely the most powerful spell in the game, takes one second to cast, but immune while casting. Does a large A.O.E. damage for for about three seconds.

    Ability 3: Trial and Error

    Cast a random buff, speed up, healing, mana regen, damage reduction, damage increase, and a debuff causing you to be stunned. Changes the school of magic.

    Unique: Overload trap

    Ceiling trap that does A.O.E. damage but disables nearby traps. To be used alone.

    Passive: She has a pet minion shooting at Zoey’s target.

    How to use: Zoey basically run’s on her change school of magic ability, which makes her primary attack fire rapidly. The rotation would go like this, Trial and error, primary attack until the rapid fire buff wears off, Book Club, rapid fire, Chaos Blast, rapid fire, whichever is available. Use Chaos Blast on groups and favor Book Club on single targets. Feebee’s Wrath can be used but not on every wave, use it as often as possible.

    Weaver Upgrades

    Tier I

    Chapter 1: Wellness from Chaos

    When Chaos Blast hits and changes school of magic, you regain 5% health. –Average-

    Chapter 2: Find your Inner Strength

    +30% knockback to Book Club and cooldown reduced by 2%. -Average-

    Chapter 3: Mastering the Schools

    Changing schools of magic increases its duration by 1.5s. –Best in all scenarios-

    Tier II

    Chapter 4: Mana Restoration

    Restores mana when hitting using primary attack. –Very useful in Siege-

    Chapter 5: Familiars

    Feebee fires twice often. –Good when you have mana under control like in Survival-

    Chapter 6: Improvisation

    Book Club now stuns for two seconds. –Only good in survival but Chapter 5 is better-

    Tier III

    Chapter 7: Wield Power from Relics

    Adds +60 damage to Book Club from her current school of magic. –Average-

    Chapter 8: Get more from Spells

    +60% duration of buffs from Trial and Error. –Average-

    Chapter 9: Death and Chaos

    Minions killed by Zoey’s primary attack change her magic school. –Awesome all around-

    Tier IV

    Chapter 10: Advanced Familiars

    Adds 50% slow debuff for 4 seconds by Feebee. –Good against heroes-

    Chapter 11: Vigour from Chaos

    Adds a full movement speed for primary attack from changing school of magic. –Very good all around-

    Chapter 12: Pulling it all Together

    Feebee’s Wrath pulls in enemies and slows them down by 60%. –Survival-


    Proper Combo Generation


    This game seems to resolve around getting unchained... like the name of the game... so to get there you need combos, but there isn’t much detailed information on that in the tutorial, so I'd like to throw my knowledge in there, since I've been trained by Maximilian himself... he was just playing games mostly and not teaching me but hey, I got my diploma still!!! If you’ve been trained by the old man that’s okay too I guess...

    General combo knowledge: You get one combo to a target that last about 4 seconds, which means you could put a trap, a space, and another trap to keep that combo counter active.


    Combo Generation for Traps


    Basically every trap will add a combo point to your kill. This stack effect last for about two trap spaces, or about three seconds, so as long as you use a trap before it runs out, it adds up.

    1- One combo point per trap.

    2- Traps that have dot (damage over time) give two combo points.

    3- Using the same trap will refresh the combo timer.

    Ex: Tar, brimstone, floor spike: three traps, four combo points.


    Combo Generation for Heroes


    Your hero's damage counts for a combo point also, so if for example you use Dobbin's Dust Devil, throw a bomb and use primary attack, you will get a 3xcombo.

    Also, those stack up with other heroes, so if a group of heroes smacks the same target with primary that should give you a 5xcombo.

    Do note that your hero's damage type will not count towards a combo, meaning if you use smolder's primary attack, which is fire, on brimstone, it should technically give you a 3xcombo, but it won’t, because it’s considered the same damage type. So you should not use the same type of traps as your hero's damage type.

    What this does is it attacks better team building, meaning if you like using smolder, you shouldn't buy and upgrade fire traps unless you plan on not defending those zones yourself, so it would be better to have your partner buy the fire traps while you just set one or two naphtha sprayer's for him.


    Proper Trap Building


    Like in every tower defense game, it’s about making sure the target stays as long as possible where the damage is. Meaning if you can make them walk in the same path then all the damage you put down there will affect every target.

    Also, you want to make the target's path as long as possible to maximise that damage output.

    That being said, here come the sappers and bombers who destroy your barricades and make you waste thousands of coins that you desperately need to build more damage traps.

    To handle sappers and such, you must:

    1- Not build barricades close to enemy’s entry points.

    2- Immediately go after sappers once you hear the sound of them coming into the map.

    3- When archer wolf grenadiers, move away from your barricades until you handle them.






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    Siege concept


    In siege you really have two roles, attack or defend. The pillaging will be done while you attack or you defend.

    The boxes respawn every 1:10 minute.

    The Crogon Meat, once brought to the bbq, will disappear if you do not use it before the next wave.


    Playing Defence

    This mode should be the easiest first.

    1- Go to the first opened portal to defend. Yes, there is no point defending a portal that the enemy has not opened.

    2- Set a few traps as it shouldn’t be that hard to defeat the first wave.

    3- Shoot the minions not the heroes since your guardian is immune to damage if no minions are around.

    4- There is usually another defender with you, so watch what he does. If the enemy portal opens and he goes, stay and build there, but if he doesn’t react, you should take that second portal and prepare your defense there.

    5- Once you've killed the enemy horde, try to kill the hero. It’s usually hard at first since you don’t do that much damage.

    6- Now that your clear of minions and heroes, go up the enemies pathway and destroy those boxes starting from the ones closest to their spawn and backing up if your short on time. If you have a lot of time, do the boxes on your lane and the one next to you.

    7- When the objectives appear on the map, go to the one closest to you. If its capture, do it as soon as you can. If its croc, wait till enemy engages, when enemy is getting low health, attack hero. If hero is failing, kill him and take over.

    8- Depending on the map, you can do more than just wait for the minions to come. If your defending on the left lane, go up near spawn, you should be able to get one or two boxes before the minions are all out, then, wipe them out if you can, unless you have a coinforge waiting, then weaken them until on top of coinforge.

    9- If you have the choice between hitting the target attacking the wall or the one attacking the guardian, choose guardian, since they can’t be rebuild. Also remember, you have health, you can handle some damage yourself and heal after, so try to make targets attack you instead of your guardian.


    Playing offence

    1- After you've set your three types of minions that are going to walk the lane, wait for them, you gain lane xp that way. (Lane xp makes you increase the level of the minions walking it)

    2- Once you get to a guardian, focus all dps on him, because he does not regenerate, and make yourself a hard target for any hero defender so you can put in as much dps has possible.

    3- Now that you cleared the guardian, remember, you need to have minions with you do to damage the guardian, so don’t go up too far without them.

    4- If you're out of minions and only a door stands in your way, you can weaken it but don’t finish it, so that the heroes don’t rebuild it while you’re gone.

    5- While you progress with your troops, destroy the boxes for extra xp.

    6- Remember to upgrade your troops. This is a priority, don’t go forward if this isn’t done.

    7- It’s not because you’re playing offense that you don’t make coins, use them for your defenders kill box and try to up ceiling ballista’s has to not hinder their strategy since their main role is defense.


    Playing Pillager

    1- Probably one of the most underestimated position when you start playing, but ends up being the most important. Your main role is to destroy boxes to help level up the lanes.

    2- Get helmet boxes first since this lane is closed.

    3- You should help on defense by killing the minions from behind once you’re done looting the boxes.

    4- You gain coins, use them to help defenders.

    5- Its a good strategy to basically run in a circle motion to get the attacking lane's boxes, the defending lanes one, and then minion killing, regen, repeat.


    While playing on either defense or offense

    1- Keep an eye for anybody that might be in trouble in the neighboring lanes.

    2- When the capture the point objective comes up, make sure you go for the closest one for you.

    3- When the croc comes up, don’t go challenge him alone unless your rather comfortable with the current flow of the battle.

    4- When a boss shows up, go support or defense to help out unless your already in trouble.


    Siege PVP

    This part is very difficult since most people will adapt to any single strategy. The best way to win in pvp is to be unpredictable.

    Stick with the others, don’t spread out.

    Make sure you fully control your character at this point since you usually find in pvp players that "only" play pvp in every game, so don’t be surprised if you see one player having 15 kills above everybody else.

    Definitely go on the offensive, you can’t just wait and defend since most times they'll come attacking with three heroes at a time.

    The biggest threat is pvp are of course the players, so slowing them down is probably your best bet.

    In every pvp game it comes down to this, time, what is the player spending most of his time on, is he constantly retreating, is he waiting, is he running around? Whoever wasted the most time will basically loose the match.


    Leveling During a Map


    You gain 10% damage per level on primary, secondary, and dots they do.

    Ex: smolder primary attack is 60+10x2 dots+1=81 damage

    Her secondary is 80+10x5+1=131 damage

    at level 20, her primary does 182+30x2= 242 damage

    Her primary and secondary, and heart of flame dots are cumulative.

    Naphtha wall adds 20% damage to burning targets.


    Character Ranks

    Allows you to have 2 different costumes at rank 50 and 100.

    Levels up your account rank for each toon that level up a rank.

    Max character rank 100.


    Account Ranks

    Make you do more damage in survival.

    Give you more health in survival.

    Allows you to upgrade your traps at rank 25, 50, 75.


    Daily mission


    There are 3 daily mission types in the game, kill minions, kill heroes, complete maps.

    Kill Minions: Playing a random queue game will get this one done or selecting a battlegroup map. Fastest way would be Surrounded lv14 as suggested by @Sortune for the 1000 minions one.

    Kill heroes: Siege is the best, try to select pillager and focus on finishing of heroes. Certain heroes are better at single target than others, but you can still easily get 25 kills per siege with smolder. Also not pillaging will slow the progression of the map giving you more time to kill, a bit unfair for those who just want to complete the map however.

     If pillager is not available, pick offense and play has a pillager, you’ll still win the map but it will give you more time to get kills, since at the beginning of the maps it’s harder due to the low damage you do.

    Complete maps: Sieges are the a good way to complete those, play offense to make sure things are moving fast if your skilled enough. Completing Cliffside Clash lv1 in survival as suggested by @Sortune work very fast also.


    Finding a group with the same interest helps you achieve that





    Increase Knock-back debuff by 25%

    Enemies knocked back take 100% more dmg



    Amplify buff by 100% for 90 seconds

    Amplify buff by 25%



    When destroyed, returns 25% of cost

    When destroyed, will kill attacker



    Trap recharge +20%



    Reduces the build time of this trap by 80%

    Makes the trap 20% less expensive



    +0.5% hero health on trigger

    +0.5% mana on trigger

    -5xp on each crossover



    Takes 50% less damage from melee

    10% dmg reduction to nearby heroes




    Increase trap dmg to stunned or snared by 50%

    Increase dmg to burning target by 50%

    Increases dmg to frozen enemies by 50%

    Each enemy killed increases unchained by 5



    Trap recharge +20%

    Increase recharge by 35% but 25% more expensive

    Reduces the trap's recharge by 25% but cost 35% less



    Add 10% reset chance on trigger of burning targets

    Heavy units only will trigger

    Light units will trigger only




    +12% dmg to grizzly, +10% cooldown

    15% unchained duration, +10% cooldown

    +12% dmg to troll, +5% primary attack

    +12% dmg to ogres, +5% primary attack

    12% dmg to giants, +10% cooldown

    +10% healing, 8% max mana

    15% primary attack dmg to large minions when unchained, +5% primary attack

    +12% dmg to gnoll hunters, +5% primary attack

    12% dmg to pride hunter, +5% primary attack

    10% dmg near guardian, 8% max mana

    6% trap dmg, +5% primary attack

    12% dmg to soldiers, +5% primary attack

    10% dmg to minions not near their hero, +10% cooldown

    10% dmg vs heroes near guardians, +8% max mana



    +5% lifesteal by primary, +8 armor

    +6 armor near guardians, +4% max health

    12% dmg reduction from minions, +8 armor

    +5% life steal elemental primary attack, +8 magic armour

    +1% max health for every 50 mana, +10% cc resist

    -12% repawn time, +10% cc resist

    barricade and great wall +20% hp, 5hp/s regen



    20% to unchained per combo, +1$/s

    +0.5% health/s near guardians

    +0.5% max health near traps, 12% mana regen

    500 coin start, +1$/s

    +50% speed when unchained, 12% health regen

    0.7% mana regen/s near traps, +1$/s

    +1 mana/s regen near guardians, +2.5% speed

    +20% trap sell value, 12% health regen





    Banquet Hall

    Cliffside Clash

    Crogon Keep



    The Wall

    Shark Island


    Unchained Fortress







    Okay, so your calmly playing and you notice something's wrong... like its harder than it should be, it wasn’t that hard yesterday, but today... and there you see it... some newb just went crazy with floor spikes and arrow walls, you've reached max traps and the minions are just walking through it... there's the problem.

    Although I agree that trying to accomplish a map with people who don’t understand the mechanics properly is annoying, here's a list of suggestions you can use in your next games where this happens.

    1- He's trapping like he's 12!!!

    Now we can’t all trap the same and can’t expect people to read this guide before they play, or even understand it after they've read it, so if you see somebody trapping weird, then instead of adding to the confusion and wasting your traps, build on the line behind.

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  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    No offense but You would totally be one of those newbs that is ruining my game. I'm saying that because I strongly disagree with your explanation of roles for siege, that might work for new and against new players but with more experienced ones, it gets way more complex and half of those explanations don't work at all in most cases.

    I'm pretty sure you are wrong about the damage increasing per level. Done some rough calculations and it looks closer to 11%, anyway this game seems to round a bit weirdly. Also the rank for the second skin is 20 now as far as I know.

    It's quite long and too abroad but you should try to specify what parts are for what mode, because the building traps is clearly only for PvE.

    Some of your hero skill explanations are way more complete than others, for example max right click is a AoE but sphere one with center on whatever it hits, and his E roots him and chains only in a straight line behind the first enemy hit. Etc.
  • "No offense but You would totally be one of those newbs that is ruining my game."
    None taken (raises middle finger).

    " I'm saying that because I strongly disagree with your explanation of roles for siege, that might work for new and against new players but with more experienced ones, it gets way more complex and half of those explanations don't work at all in most cases."

    Yes, because those are for coop siege or general rules, notice I've said in the siege pvp section that you need to be unpredictable to win? I havent played enough to talk much about pvp so I just put coop mostly, but I'll change to title so that I wont confuse you.

    "I'm pretty sure you are wrong about the damage increasing per level. Done some rough calculations and it looks closer to 11%, anyway this game seems to round a bit weirdly."

    oh God.. I'm so sorry, missed that 1% damage, what was I thinking... this changes everything....

    "Also the rank for the second skin is 20 now as far as I know.

    Your right, I changed it, thanks.

    "It's quite long and too abroad but you should try to specify what parts are for what mode, because the building traps is clearly only for PvE."

    Its abroad because I did'nt want to put players in a certain trap patern but just give general advise on how to build, thats why. The part mode isn't done yet so ya, coming once I"m done with heroes....

    "Some of your hero skill explanations are way more complete than others, for example max right click is a AoE but sphere one with center on whatever it hits, and his E roots him and chains only in a straight line behind the first enemy hit. Etc. "

    Some details I've put in because I felt they were needed, but I did'nt feel the need to say Max can only shoot his ability from the ground since its kinda going to be obvious... no?

    Thanks for the input, hope my guide helped you out.

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  • Added Hogarth and Tundra to the heroes.
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  • Hogarth video up
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  • Just added Bloodspike's video.
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  • Her video is up now too.
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