Who is starting a guild?

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Just wondering who all is starting a guild? Like' let players know by posting here. I've heard a few people might be starting one. Please don't post if you're not starting a clan and I will also be updating the list as i see people create actual guilds.

Rumored guilds
1) demonstash
2) Druit

Confirmed guilds
Orcs Must science(contact scifitoilet)
Goare's Light orcs(contact Goare)
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  • Pitch: 

    Guild name: Orcs Must Science!

    A guild dedicated to experimental gameplay, ability/build research and general OMDU gameplay exploration.  We have shaky ethics when it comes to glitches tho. 
  • GoareGoare Member
    I started one for my regular group ... not sure it actually has any benefits as we're not planning to be remotely competitive, but why not!
  • CrescentCrescent Member, Early Access
    Guild name: The Order

    Sign-up Rewards: Virtual brownies (That may or may not exist)
  • Guild: World Orc Liberation Front

    The orc oppression must come to an end! We will no longer sit idly by while everyday innocent orcs are slaughtered for nothing more than sport.
  • I started one kinda just for friends and fans of my webcomic, but I don't have any plans to really be competitive etc
  • Oz Orcs [OzOrc] for the land down under. 
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