Mammamia! -A Bionka Guide-

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-Authors Note-
I am currently around level 100, which is low to some and high to others, and play primarily siege. No one else seems to be doing any hero guides so here is mine for the newly released "Queen Momma". If you have differing opinions or advice, please comment. Feel free to ask questions and enjoy.
 *This build is for Attacker





Anti-Trap Vambrace: Potential to disable their entire trap room early on. Get a few steps ahead of your minions and start disabling traps before they walk into the trapbox, target high damage/cost traps, power-ups, and annoying hero-seekers. 

Freedom Trinket: This gets you out of jams, whether its that ganking Ivy or a Max's stun+E. 

-Other Viable Gear-

Mage's Clover: For those who prefer mana over health.

Vegetable of Mending: Healing when you need it, healing when you don't.

Flame Bracers: Great for dueling other heroes and generally killing things.

Note: Gear doesn't play too much of a role, so feel free to use whichever ones you feel most comfortable with.


Lyzander: For late game resurrections in conjunction with Ogres and Heavy Orcs.

Bulgod: Use on heavily trapped killboxes to disable them all and generally wreck face.

-Other Viable Bosses-

Tubifore: For destroying your enemy's precious barricades, causing OP amounts of economic damage and screwing up their trapbox.

Urza: Kamikazees guardians, make sure this gets to the enemy guardian and watch it explode.

Sidenote 1: Don't use Gatebreaker. Just don't.
Sidenote 2: Most people run Orfum Tubifore and Swifty, so for the sake of diversity, it may be better to just run Urza and Bulgod.



Tier I: -Soldiers+Light Orcs- This setup adds a mix of survivability for both the minions and Bionka herself. Having all small minions, Bionka's passive really shines, and the soldier's steady takes the brunt of the attacks, while allowing options for your glyph before tower hits level two. (Props to Statboy for pointing out Bionka's passive in regards to minions)
:Soldier-Light Orc-Light Orc:

Tier II: -Light Orcs+Crossbows- 
Now is when your Orc army gets rolling. By now you should be able to place your first Glyph down, and are now able to get some Medium Orcs churning out. The Orc crossbows will back up the Light Orcs, and turn enemy heroes and guardians into butter.

Tier III: -Medium Orcs+Hobgoblin Shaman/Human Crossbows-
If you are putting one glyph in each lane/didn't choose the second glyph weaver for whatever reason, go with the first setup. If you are double orcing in one lane, go with the latter. This is the strongest push known to orckind. If your heavy orcs have trouble surviving the enemy's killbox, use Hobgoblins; if not then use Xbows for killing heroes and guardians.
:Medium Orcs-Medium Orcs-Hobgoblin Shaman/Human Crossbows:       :Medium Orcs-Medium Orcs-Medium Orcs:

Tier IV: -Medium Orcs+Medium Orcs+Fire Mages/Human Crossbows/Hobgoblin Shamans-
Pretty much the same idea as tier III



Speed Pads: Self explanatory, I usually place three on Cliffside Clash: One in main hall and two to the left and right of it, right besides the entrances.

Hero-seeker Ballista: Place these for defense if you have the cash to spare mid game.

Power-Ups: Place these for defense if you have cash to spare.

Others: Fill the rest of the slots up with whatever you want, they're unimportant for offense.



Triangle Slot:  Motivates Others-  More exp for your portals=Harder, better, faster, and stronger minions.

Slot:  Not Scared of Statues- Good for downing guardians faster.

Slot:  Show Off- Extra survivability when escorting minions, combos well with your passive.

Wild Card Slot:  
Doesn't Play Well With Others- Gives you enough mana regen to swing your mace. The extra move speed really helps because of how slow Bionka is.



Tier I: -Love my Soldiers- More promotions= Stronger army. A total of 24 Orcs promoted after two glyphs are up.

Tier II: -Momma's Friends- 
Absolutely necessary, place both in the same lane and watch the madness unfold.

Tier III: -Break Their Knees- 
Best power-up for your Q, and makes a crappy knock up into an incredible slow.

Tier IV: -Hurt No More- 
Who needs Ring of Last Stand? This gives you a massive shield for when that Zoey walks back out to finish you off. 



Mace to Face: -Left-Click- Your auto attack. Swings a bit slow so watch where you swing. Your also a bit slow so trying to hit a running enemy is pretty annoying.

Slam It Down: -Right-Click- Hits for tons of damage, a bit hard to aim but you'll get it after a few games. This is your low CD nuke.

Bionka Bounce: -Q- Your Knock-up+Slow(with weaver), Great in team-fights and chasing, all on a low cooldown. 

Beat Dem Back: -E- Your ultimate. You can knock people off cliffs, into acid, etc. Its very satisfying, and can hit multiple people. This is pretty hard to aim right though. It also does a lot of damage, so use it as a finisher too. Another use for this is for escape, as you can just knock back that Midnight that invisiganked you.

Sing And March: -Shift- Most of the time its a waste of mana, but you can use it while the guardian does his AOE to shield your minions a bit (Just make sure they re not low health or you'll die) You can also use this while minions are walking through killbox although your mana will drain quickly and you might take a lot of damage.

Orc Momma: -Passive- Your passive. This gives you more health regen proportional to the minions you are escorting, and is pretty useful when you return to base with half health as your minions are spawning. If you have about 60% of your health, forgo healing at the rift and just keep pushing- you should heal most of it back up by the time your minions get to the killbox.



Generally, you want to switch over to pushing helm as soon as possible. After helm opens, hand tower off to the other Attacker and go attack there. The focus of this build is CC and building your Orc Army. If you rush helm fast enough, you can usually down the guardian quick enough and get both your glyphs going. Be sure to tell your teammates your plan so that random pillager does not rob you of your glyph spots. When pushing, focus on killing the defenders/forcing them out of the lane. 

On your passive: Your passive gives a crapton of health regen, use swarming minions and always stand in the middle of them. When there are no heroes around and you are attacking the guardian, few free to just stand there and take his swing like a man to make sure that your sing gets every minion caught in its radius. Provided that there is no Smolder to kill you, you should regen that hp up in no time. 
      *In the event that a guardian's swing will kill your minions, DO NOT SING, or you will die with them.

Pushing: With the Love My Soldier's weaver, one Orc Promotion glyph should be enough to get your Tier III push into heavy orcs. When Tier IV hits, put both of your glyphs in the same lane.

On your E: Try not to waste it. Use it when you are confident that it will net you a kill/save your life/score rift points. It's range is also longer than your other abilities, so you can use it to finish off someone that you are chasing, but cannot catch up with. On Unchained fortress, this can be instrumental in denying the enemy team a boss from the grill by smashing the Crogon meatholder into oblivion. If aimed right, or if you are lucky enough, some enemies fly off the side and into the acid pit.

On your Q: It can interrupt many attacks, such as Zoey's ult, effectively canceling it.

On Maps: Bionka plays better on Cliffside Clash, due to the various places where you can knock your enemies to their death. On Unchained Fortress, you need way better aim and luck to knock opponents into acid and other insta-kill places. 

Note: You still have pregnancy fat from birthing so many Orcs, and so are pretty slow in both movement speed and attack speed. Keep this in mind as you are chasing/running for your life from a bloodthirsty puppy. You are also one of the largest heroes, and naturally have a large hitbox.


Thanks for reading, feel free to ask questions/give opinions.

-Shameless Guild Promotion- Join The Order [ORDR] to kill orcs and eat virtual brownies. 


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  • Would argue fire mages for t4 with the medium orcs is better but honestly this guide nails most if not all of the things you need to play Bionka well. Get that root outta there though and use that freedom trinket man! As for traits I can help you with that (Doesn't play well with others) for your yellow triangle is super good as it solves literally all of your mana issues. 1 mana per second seems bad but for a hero with a grand total of 125 it means your mana will regen faster than with a clover and it will be active all the time plus move speed is super good for a hero that suffers from not being able to chase. (Show off) for your blue trait is a natural choice as you will most likely be near minions all of the time and max health is super good. (Guardian Vandalism) is my new favourite trait from the 1.3 update (mostly because it works now) another 4% max health for a total of 8% and 10% damage reduction for hitting a guardian something you will be doing either on purpose or as an accident trying to kill a defender either way it is amazing on a tanky hero. For the random trait card I almost always run (Needs alone time) as increased health regen is always nice especially on top of the health regen from your passive. Pretty good guide man.   
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    Not a bad guide, but I do disagree on a few things, traps and trinkets shouldn't change from what you like to carry just for Bianka. I personally like mage clovers better than anti trap. But that's not Bianka specific, but playstyle specific. I think you missed a couple key points of Bianka; 

    1st- She gets massive health regen based on how many minions are around her. So Soldiers are going to make Bianka a little less powerful and Bears will make Bianka a lot less powerful. Bears, Ogres, and small number minions should be avoided at all costs. Also I usually get her first glyph up pretty quickly, many times before we get to level 2 on the lane I'm on, especially if I'm taking hat lane. You don't want to be caught without orcs with her glyph up. So you have to have light/med orcs at every level. Her glyph is incredibly powerful, don't waste it. Orcs have the largest numbers of minions, and they group up better than kobolds/satyrs, turning Bianka into an unkillable tank until they are thinned out.

    2nd- Never ever, and I can't stress this enough, take Swifty without kobolds/satyrs. Given how with Bianka you have to have orcs for one of your two selections, the other should be a compliment to them, such as fire mages or crossbows or shamans (I see you like gnolls, I'm not a huge fan, but that's again playstyle and preference). Which means, bears, soldiers, kobolds, satyr's, ogre's, trolls, etc aren't going to be viable options. Running Swifty ahead of minions makes him such an easy target and waste of a boss. When he scores in that way, its because the Defense failed not because it was a good idea to run him. Outside of Swifty every other boss is possible, though most of the others are situation specific.

    3rd- The weaver choice of Break Their Knee's isn't bad, but if you're like me and you don't run anti tramp vambrace, then bianka bounce to disable traps is the better option. You can take the most powerful grouping they have in each killbox out, with it
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  • @statboy I really think you missed the mark on your 1st point.  Yes, she does get more regen the more minions are present.  However, more minions alive is the more important factor.  Running Bloodspike bear strats is always a good idea, and up against Smolder or Tundra running only one card of orcs with soldiers or bears will result in more health regen for longer almost always.  In fact, the old orcs, bears, orcs or orcs, Bears, soldiers  is almost always better for early pushes to the guardian. 
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    @UndoubtedlyMrJ I prefer soldiers when I'm not running Bianka, but it really is amazing just how much more regen she does get, and how much it affects her survivability. Bears and Ogres with Bloodspike is good as they have the health to take the punishment Bloodspike will give them. Bloodspike and Bianka are different and require different strats, Bloodspike is buffed by total health of his minions while Bianka is buffed by total number of minions. When you only have 2 slots at each level and one has to be orcs (because of the glyph) the other should be a compliment. I would prefer shaman or crossbows myself. Crossbows put out enough damage to run enemy heros out of the killbox. When I get down to 5-6 minions with her I run away no matter what health I have, if I can't finish off the enemy hero. 6 is how many bears you get if you ran Bears/Bears/Bears at level 1. I think 2 out of the 3 spots needs to be Orcs once you have a glyph down, I just don't see bears as being better than shaman, crossbows, or even gnolls for the 3rd spot.
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  • Ogres aren't slow. Giants are.
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    Updated with traits and other suggestions

    @FatManShotYou Thanks for the trait suggestions, will test some more to finalize the traits for this build.

    @Statboy I will be testing your strategy to see how it works out, and will update the minions section accordingly

    Thanks to everyone else for your comments!

    Edit: Updated minions section
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  • The amateur veterinarian affects all healing items and regeneration of the hero, so you might try that instead of the not scared of statues for extra survivability. second, enjoys pain might be an alternative for her diamond trait; she does a lot of damage and it gives armour, not sure how that compares exactly to show off, but it seems fairly similar if not even.
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    @JeremiahTemple ;
    I will definitely check out Amateur Vet. To see if it makes a major difference on Bionka's passive. I will see how much more survivable Bionka is when motivates others is slotted out for Enjoys Pain.
  • Great guide! This alone made me want to try Bionka, and I went ahead and bought her near solely because of this guide, and it's helping me out a lot!

    Now, as for the bosses, I don't really understand why you would want Lyzander as a boss.
    Sure, once you get heavy orcs up in one lane it can be effective but honestly Lyzander is so much better with other units like trolls or giants because Lyzander can only revive so often, and Bionka's orcs act like a swarm, hindering Lyzander's effectiveness greatly. 

    I much more prefer Grenwalde in all honesty because if your team pushes with him you can get much further than with a Lyz from my games. The enemies are forced to deal with you, the large orc swarm, or Grenwalde, and I feel like it is much better than a Lyz push.

    Anyway, this is just personal preference and experience, but other then that great guide!

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    @Pikapik The bosses section is somewhat outdated right now, as I used to run Ogres with Medium Orcs awhile back (Lyzander worked decently with those). Kinda took a break from the game for sometime, so theres some sections that are getting revamped (Bosses, traits.) I'll definitely test out Grenwalde, as I have not had much experience with that particular boss. 
  • @crescent

    Just missing Midnight and Bionka, pretty much same as you but not in so many words.

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    @Netnewsnow ;

    Thanks for the heads up! It seems like your guide is more of a general explanation of the heroes though, not a specific build (no specific minions, weavers, traits.)
  • NetnewsnowNetnewsnow Member
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    Your right, I did'nt want it to kinda "lock" players just understand what your buying type of thing. Still lots of good stuff for what I put in it, and once I'm done with midnight, moving on to other aspects... so much stuff...

    I'll probably add minions and traits later on but its annoying if you play with multiple heroes and the few decks we have...

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