Referal player not getting the BP skin

JacowboyJacowboy Member, Early Access
Hi, so my 3rd referal player recently reached his 50 wins (on Aug 9, 2016, according to my referal page), and we both got the according chests... however he told me on steam he hadn't recieved the BP skin... I had already gotten it from my 1st referal player (the 2nd only got to 1 victory and abandoned the game :( ).

I just checked the referal page, it says:

*Both players will only receive this skin once. Multiple referred friends reaching 50 wins does not grant duplicate skin items.

From what I uderstand it means that I wouldn't get duplicate skins, but maybe I'm wrong... So the question is, is that normal? Does the skin only goes to the 1st referal only? If not, could you check out his account and see what went wrong?

His account name is "Selection", in case you want to verify his account and what went wrong. I told him to double and triple check in the BP skins screen, but he said there's nothing in there.

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