OMD2 Mouse sensitivity fluctuation problem

I kind of doubt anybody is still putting out bug fixes for OMD2, but here's hoping.

For as long as the game has been out, there's been an issue with mouse sensitivity fluctuating wildly (typically at the most inopportune times).  It is NOT mouse acceleration, it's not my mouse (been through at least 3-4 since OMD2 released), not my graphics card (3 since release), or OS (win 7, then win 10), but it seems to be affected by the frame-timings.  Eg when there is a lot of action on screen, then suddenly not, or vice versa, the mouse sensitivity will go real high or low for a split second -- just long enough to spin yourself around and walk right off the edge of a cliff.

I figure it's something to do with the game engine, as it's exhibited in OMD2, a little bit less in OMD1, but not at all in OMDU... which I assume uses a different engine... or at least had the game code rewritten almost from scratch.


  • MitchellWMitchellW Member, Moderator, Early Access
    We've seen a lot of other mouse sensitivity issues, but what you're describing doesn't sound familiar. Normally it'd be a constant spinning or the like (which is solved with unplugging any extra USB devices, disabling any controller emulation software and updating mouse drivers.)

    I don't think we've seen what you're seeing before, but some of the solutions I listed are worth trying. At this point, we don't have any planned updates for OMD2, so I hope one of the solutions I listed can resolve this for you!
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